Starting with IBD

Hi there

Just ordered my first packs

I have a Crohn’s a form of inflammatory bowel disease

I work as a service engineer and shifts so never know where my next meal is coming from or what time.

Hopefully huel may give me some better nutrition and save money from the dreaded McDonald’s and vending machine

Secondly hopefully some weight loss gained lots after my last round of steroids

I plan to start slow as don’t want to trigger a Crohn’s flare any advice would be great right now



Hi @Linuxgeek, welcome to the forum :wave:
You need @JamesCollier’s advice for this one.

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Or @RebeccaOfficialHuel

poor Rebecca never gets a tag


I mentioned James first because he has experience of this kind of problem.

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HI @Linuxgeek

Huel has a great fibre profile, so is ideal for Crohn’s during remission. I suggest you start slowly and build up every few days. Drink plenty, too.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a relapse for whatever reason, then you might need to moderate your fibre intake during this period, which may mean stopping Huel for a while.


Thanks for spreading the love!