Still hungry. Should I increase to 5 scoops?

Hi guys

I need some help/advice, please! I have had a read of this thread and am trying to make the adaptations suggested there.

I have gone from 100g (vanilla) / 500ml to 100g / 400ml which helped with feeling fuller for longer a little. I have increased to 125g / 400ml but I am still feeling hungry by mid-morning.

Where should I go next? 150g / 400ml? Or should I try 150g / 500ml? Any wisdom would be much appreciated.

I am Hueling for convenience, I am having Huel for breakfast and lunch with food in the evening. Alternatively, I sometimes do Huel for breakfast and dinner with food for lunch. Prior to Huel, experience has taught me that if I am able to fill myself up in the morning/lunch, my evening meal is smaller. I find this works well for me and my digestion, as I do not sleep well on a full stomach.

In a good week, I swim 2-4 times per week. One technique (slower session), one fast/fitness, one focusing on endurance/distance and one swim just for fun with no particular focus. On average I swim about 8-10km per week, but this will be gradually increasing over the spring/summer.

I am not trying to gain or lose any weight, just stay fit and healthy. I’d also really like to stay full as I tend to get hangry (hungry/angry, not a good combo!) which makes me really unpleasant to be around. I then tend to snack on pastries/biscuits etc :unamused:

I’m 5 ft 5 inches and weigh about 11 stone.


Any idea what your maintenance calorie requirements are for a day/week? Sounds like you are someone who’s exercise regime is burning up all the cals.

150 in 400ml is prolly gonna be much too thick. I use 100 in about 500 and that’s thick enough for me.

Thanks for your thoughts! I will try 500ml with 125g.

My BMR is 1400 calories, but with the exercise I do I probably need around 1800-2000 calories. I love food, but I also do not want to go over the top with the Huel.

Is there any reason why you can’t just have a 2nd bottle mid morning? I can easily get through 3 bottles (9 scoops) before midday.

I must admit it had not crossed my mind to have a second bottle. There is no reason why I cannot give it a go. I am engrained in my thinking that we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will try experimenting with a mid-morning bottle. Thanks!

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Hi guys

Just a quick update on where I am at.

After my experimentation, I have gone back to 500ml water / 100g Huel. The most significant change I made was by accident, rather than design. I have found that the most effective way to full (about 4-5 hours) is to drink plenty of water during/after Huel consumption. I have found that about 200ml-300ml water seems to do the trick. Prior to increasing my water intake, I was only staying full for a few hours. I only increased my water intake because I noticed that I seemed to be dehydrated, and this was affecting my exercise performance.

Thanks for all your suggestions! And I hope this thread will be of use to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Also, I don’t know whether my body has now just adjusted, or whether it is the water, but my Huel farts are waaaaay less frequent now. Happy days!

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