Stomach cramps

Hi. Have been using Hot and Savoury for a couple of weeks. I have Madras, Sweet and Sour and Korma. I add the sauces to a small amount of fresh vegetables and nothing else. I have a normal diet at the weekend as I am following a 5:2 principle…anyone else getting this?

I did get something similar with Thai Green curry. I’ve only had it once, though, because I don’t like the taste, so I only have a one-off event to report so far.

Is it really epigastric pain, restricted to the upper abdominal quadrants? Otherwise it would not be “stomach” cramps but more likely some intestinal issue. But maybe you have to adapt to the spices that are used in those products, some of them could increase acid production. A proton pump inhibitor or antacid is often used against this. If you have right upper quadrant pain in the form of “cramps” or colics gallbladder stones should also be ruled out. If your symptoms don’t go away from alone after some time you should consult your GP.

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Hey Alan, sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble!

By “nothing else” do you mean 100% of your calories are coming from Hot & Savoury? Drastic changes in diet (particularly from low fibre to high fibre) can cause gut issues as it takes a little time for the body to adjust.

I’d recommend going down to 200-250kcal of Hot & Savoury and work your way back up to your current intake over a week or so.

I get this and lots of bloating if I eat the H&S for a few days in a row. I try to only have it a couple of days a week and avoid having it anymore than twice in a row.

Maybe you just have to adapt to the high fibre content. This won’t take long, though.