Stopped Huel for a week, and my whole body is in pain?

I’m guessing that after 2 months of huel my body had been enjoying all the amazing stuff it was being given, and now it’s broken down…

I’m thinking I might have an iron deficiency… I have no energy, shortness of breath, my back is in so much pain I ca’t even sit up for more than 20 minutes, my head is pounding, and every limb is aching… This is not pleasant at all. :head_bandage:

Oh and I feel sick in the evenings too, it’s like I’m pregnant, when I know I’m not. not been sick yet, but the past two evenings, it’s been rough.

Hi @Huntress_Amelia sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

If you have been on Huel 100% you will not have an iron deficiency, Huel has 106% of the RDA of iron.

It sounds more like a virus, flu to me.

I meant I stopped using it a week ago. I’ve been feeling a bit ill for a couple days and couldn’t risk food until today. My body probably misses Huel.

Haha, yes maybe you have withdrawal symptoms. :wink:

I’m racking my brains trying to think if I’ve had a Huel-free day since I started, and the only one I can think of was when I did a short fast recently.

Maybe once you enter the Land of Huel you’re not allowed to leave?

Makes sense, since you are eating very healthily while you are eating it, and then you drop out of it for a while, you body objects.

I spent 3 or 4 days over Easter at my Mum’s and with all the things I needed to remember for a toddler and a baby forgot to take my Huel.

Instead I ate Easter Eggs and drank beer. Needless to say I felt pretty rotten and was glad to get back on the Huel.

Even worse is that when I got back I came down with a virus. It’s the only time I haven’t felt great in the 3 or 4 months I’ve been Hueling.

Problem found!!

I’m allergic/intolerant to Quorn. I ate it yesterday and had the same effect on me, although this time less so as I was actually sick from it. Hopefully the rest of the symptoms don’t pop up.

I looked online and saw that it isn’t that rare. God it was awful though. I’ll drink more huel to celebrate.

Cood to hear this was resolved. I was reminded of that twilight zone episode where they drink some special bottled water to look younger, but the problems begin when you try to stop drinking it…