Holiday-goers beware

Okay title is a bit overkill, just wanted to give a heads up to any regular Huelers (is this what we call it or is it something more catchy?) I drink Huel for most my meals Monday to Friday, and eating regular meals some evenings and most meals on weekends.

Next bit concerns digestion and bodily functions just so you know to expect it:
Recently spent 4 days abroad eating a lot of Spanish food and man did my gut flora get a good shaking up. Bowel movements have been normal, then and since, but I’ve had some pretty killer stomach cramps and I’ve been feeling sick all week (I did however drink a LOT of booze so the latter could be that). By sick I mean that gastric reflux type of nausea that just kind of stays with you for hours at a time.

Getting back into Huel settled my stomach at first but I’ve been extremely windy for the last few days lol. All this yoyoing is clearly not agreeing with me. Looking forward to things settling down when I’m back to regularly Huelling (Hueling? And do we even call it that?)

Anyway yeah it may just be me - just thought I’d share ahead of summer, maybe we will hear some similar stories from others, and learn to pack a bag of the good stuff in our suitcase or something. I for one won’t be risking any “withdrawal” symptoms again haha. Anyone else had a hard time after having a break from Huel?

PS it is my understanding there is no dependency on Huel and hence no such thing as “withdrawal” in this context, however Huel has been shown to introduce changes to the gut flora and hence abrupt changes in diet could cause noticeable effects such as those described above


I’ve had a similar experience recently, Ryan.

I’m around 95% Huel, as I occasionally swap out one of my Huel meals for an omelette or similar, and I have a take-away most Friday nights.

This bank holiday weekend gone, I went away for three nights (four days), and came off Huel for that period. I ate quite unhealthily, it must be said, and I had quite a few beers and glasses of wine - but I didn’t get hammered. I felt less than great on my second evening away, with a regular-but-mild stomach ache and frequent small bowel movements - almost like my body was purging - and this lasted for the rest of my break.

Of course, it’s possible I picked up a bug, but I don’t think that’s the case. Rather, after eating so healthily with Huel for a few months, I think the rich food and drink was a shock to my system. I’m back on my shakes again, now, and feeling fine :slight_smile:

I’ve added 32 bars to my order as I have a week’s holiday in Spain coming up. But I’ve been able to go away for weekends without huel and just eat as normal without any issues, then again I still eat 1 meal per day and replace the other two with huel, so that’s maybe why.

That’s interesting to read. I’ve been having a couple of Huel meals a day for the past year or so.

Previously when I’ve been away for weekends without Huel my stomach hasn’t taken well to the adjustment.

I’m off to Hamburg for a long weekend with only hand luggage. I might grab a few Huel Bars to keep me going on my travels.

I wish i read this thread 2 weeks ago. Ive been on holiday for the last week and i was in pain every night, so much that it woke me up and i’m normally a heavy sleeper.

Reminder to all hueligans, do not go from 70% huel to 1/2 yard hot dogs, and boat loads of pizza. You will regret it.

Feeling better now ive been back on huel for that last couple of days.


Never hit me that hard, but I definitely feel different when I’ve gone from mostly Huel to no Huel for a few days and back! I think it probably effects us all differently. Also, loads of pizza and hotdogs would probably make anyone feel weird right?!

Tbh i just want back to my pre huel diet (which wasn’t good). Before i would feel weird yes, but never wake up with stomach pain.

My assumption is that it’s not the huel itself that has caused this, but instead my body is not expecting masses of fast food because im eating much healthier thanks to huel.

I was away on holiday for about 7 days, diet wasn’t that bad - just no Huel and maybe not enough fibre.
It’s been over a week since I’ve been back and been back to taking my one Huel a day and I keep getting stomach cramps every now and again, digestive issues in general.

Was surprised as I had only stopped it for a week.

Yeah I’ve noticed the same, it’s annoying. It’s because your digestive system is like a production line run by total bastards. The staff are on zero-hour contracts and the moment they aren’t needed they get the boot.

Until gut flora manage to unionise, we’re stuck with this situation.


Friendly reminder to watch out, I jumped straight back in after a 2 week break, thinking “we’ll I’ve been on Huel for years, my body knows what it’s doing by now”. I was wrong. Please do as I say and not as I do

The huel team says it doesn’t contain drugs but we get withdrawal symptoms… :thinking:

My skin actually got worse after only 2 weeks off it but then again I wasn’t drinking much water and I was extremely unhealthy, diet and otherwise

I think the solution to this is that instead of suddenly stopping Huel then treat it as neuroleptic. This means reducing gradually the dose of a period of weeks. Then restarting the same way with a starter amount.