Strawberry and cream, or strawberry shortcake

Hi!, has anyone else received 2 e-mails for new huel black flavours? One for strawberry and cream, and one for strawberry shortcake.
Because i only see the strawberry and cream one in the order list, ( and when i click on the link in de strawberry shortcake e-mail it shows only that one and not the cream one) so kinda confused right now :sweat_smile:
Or is it the same flavor with indentity problems?

Strawberry Shortcake is the Huel USA market name - you must be also signed upto the US and UK mailing lists.

Phil has hit the nail on the head. USA we’ve called it Strawberry Shortcake, since Strawberries and Cream is not really a thing in the states. But they are the same flavour.

It’s annoyingly easy to accidentally sign up to both mailing lists, due to legal stuff we can’t automatically bump you across to (UK site) if you type in (USA site). You’re given a prompt at the top of the page to change region but if you don’t accept it then you can then sign up to the US mailing list.

Let me know if you’d like to be removed from one, I can sort that out. Or actually, tell me which mailing list you should be on and we can remove you from the other ones :slight_smile:

Aah so it was the identity crisis option haha, thanks phil and tim for the response.
Now i know that whas the problem i’ve unsubscribed from the US e-mail list.
So i’m all good here!
Thanks again!

I’m not sure where you’re getting that info, but Strawberries and Cream is absolutely a thing here in the states, and Strawberry Shortcake is completely different than Strawberries and Cream. The two are not used interchangeably in the US in any capacity.

While the dish itself of Strawberries and Cream might not be widespread, the flavor is used in everything from candy, to ice cream, to starbucks drinks, oatmeal, to even milk additives such as Strawberry Nesquik.

And even so, Strawberry Shortcake is widely known to contain a sweet yellow sponge cake(the shortcake part of Strawberry Shortcake), Strawberries and Cream notably does not. Even looking at US Amazon results show you that Strawberry Shortcake is used SOLELY with that yellow spongecake.

So if you’re selling Strawberry Shortcake as a flavor that is the same as Strawberries & Cream, but it doesn’t have any taste resembling the shortcake part of the name, then it’s plain and simple disingenuous for US consumers.

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None of the Huel flavours taste exactly like the thing they’re marketed as and I don’t think anyone expects them to. The flavour names are really just “this is the vibe you’ll get”. Vanilla tastes more like cake batter but you can understand why they chose the name vanilla. Strawberries and cream is A Thing over here whereas I think strawberry shortcake is the closest approximation for the US name? It doesn’t really taste like either but both names tell you it will taste of strawberry and be sweet.

Super interesting, thanks Robert! Sorry for my flippant “it’s not really a thing” comment, I didn’t mean it wasn’t recognised at all.

This is quite strong, I wouldn’t say it’s disingenuous and the flavour name of Strawberry Shortcake is a good representation of it, as is Strawberries and Cream. Have you tried it? Would value your opinion on which you think it is closer to.