Struggling to stay motivated

Hi all, I’ve been using Huel on and off for about 6 months now and lost a fair bit of weight when I first started using it. Just lately I’ve been trying to get back into it after going on holidays and the like and after a few days of doing well, I’ll have a bad day and go completely off the rails. I know this isn’t an issue with Huel, I’m just wondering if anyone else has been in the same boat and can share what they did to stay motivated and stick to it.

I don’t love the taste of Huel but I don’t dislike it either and always have it with a flavour. I have several bags of V2.0 left with 4 different flavour pouches and I use a Breville Blend Active to prepare my Huel to take to work. Any help from the community would be great, thanks!

Hi there, all I was going to say was not to stress about it. It’s a funny time of year right now, major busy and party season. You’ll probably find it easier to start again in January. In the meantime why not try a few new flavour combos or treat yourself to a bag of Christmas pudding flavour. Or you could concentrate on preparing really healthy non Huel food.
Hope that helps a bit…

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I go on and off it as work or something else messes with my organisation, I’ve just stopped judging myself on it. If I"m off it for a couple of days I just jump back on it, trying not to think of it as a thing, just as a part of my life.

Sazza said it correctly. I too don’t think that this will be the right time to start… Christmas is not the right time to lose weight.

Hi DiagnostiX,

You are right in saying it’s got nothing to do with Huel. It’s about relationship with food and addiction to the bad stuff such as sugar, bad carbs, etc…
I would advise to continue on your well-being plan but be moderated. Use Huel for some of the meals, cook good food the rest (good = healthy BUT tasty) and allow 1 day exception where you can enjoy a pizza and a B&J after that :slight_smile:
It’s about long term strategy and avoiding extreme diet where you will inevitably fall into the big craving trap and let your self completely go. Also for the long term, it’s about working on yourself and understand where those ‘bad needs’ come from (not in the past, but in the present). What makes you fall? Sadness, frustration, anger, etc…once you identify one or more reasons then you’ve made a great step…consciousness. Next you will be able to recognise and observe, you jump on that peanut butter jar because you are upset…OK…next time take 2 spoons instead of the whole jar.

There would be a lot more to debate on the above, hard to be exhaustive here. Keep your goal, don’t push yourself to extreme restriction, make unhealthy exceptions. Be brave, it’s a hard path, but there is so much reward along it (there’s no end :wink:



My usage goes up and down too and I find it’s not really a matter of motivation. Huel just occupies a certain space in my life as a matter of cost, convenience and nutrition. And that space is most of my work lunches and the occasional dinner when I don’t want to cook or do dishes. So long as it remains the optimal solution to the problems of time, money and health, I don’t find I have motivational issues using it. When I force myself to have it all day every day, I hate it. I don’t want to hate my food.