Student Grant


Indeed I am…


During my first year at uni, like a typical student, I was living off of takeaways, ready meals and tesco meal deals. This was because I didn’t have the knowledge to be able to eat properly.

I now have a total of £35 a week (£5 a day) budget for everything after paying for rent during my second year at uni to come. This has to pay for food, transport and then obviously alcohol.

If Huel did a 10% or 15% discount for students (through uni days / NUS rather than emails?) it would be manageable for me to have regularly.

Side note, I was told about Huel from a friend as it would be good for uni. bought a £45 pack as i have a summer job and it’s arrived today, fingers crossed it’s as good as people say it is on this forum :slight_smile:

EDIT: Created new thread with my experience with Huel.


Just curious if there are any developments regarding student discount for Huel?


What about police, fire, ambulance as well as NHS discounts!


Or discounts for everyone


If you scroll up, you’ll see that this has already been discussed.


Any updates? I hope so…

I love Huel and the new Huel bar but I just find the price a little steep…


Huel christmas pudding flavor is 40%off


Would also like to know if there are any updates on Huel student discount. Unidays verify student ID or NUS (although I don’t know anyone who uses this as Unidays is better - but I would be happy to get one if it made Huel cheaper). Seems sensible to offer a cheaper price for Students on a low income as, if possible, it would make it far more accessible.


I had no idea there was a student discount when I made my order. I did use a referral code but obviously missed out on savings as a result. Does anyone happen to know if I can use a referral code from another person if I re-order? Or is it a 1 code no matter who gives you it type of scenario? With the student discount it brings 2x bags down to £40, but it’s still a hefty price when you’re a student. :confused: If I could use another £10 off code that’d be brilliant.


No, only a one time code for being referred. And there isn’t a student discount at the moment. Hopefully one day.


Yes there is! Via studentbeans, as of the 27th Dec 2017 I believe.


Good spot, a very new addition - last Thursday actually.

Codes can’t be stacked, so you would have to pick between Student Discount or Refer a Friend.


No idea where I got that date from then, haha.

It wasn’t so much the stacking, more the fact my first order used a referral, so does that therefore mean I can never use another referral code on subsequent orders? I could easily find one from another person for example, so it wouldn’t be the same code again. I just wasn’t sure if you’re limited to one referral per lifetime.


Ah I see!

You can only be ‘referred’ once, but you can add successful referral codes to orders if you have referred someone else :+1: Does that help?


Ah that clears it up, thanks! I’ll have to peer pressure some mates, haha.


@TimOfficialHuel Hang on… There is student discount? Does this stack with subscriptions?


Absolutely! This means you could get something like 27% off with a student discount plus subscription!


How come student discount has been removed? I ordered some the other day using student discount, now it’s gone. Likely to cancel subscription now.


Hey Sam, really sorry about this, it’s a new development - we’re having some issues with it so have had to pull it off. Hoping it’s temporary, watch this space. In the mean time be sure to get involved with our Refer a Friend scheme which will give you £10 off each order for every successful referral.

Huel student discount unavailable [but now available!]