Subscription is a mess

So starting to run out of my initial pack, I’m trying to sort the subscription out so I’ll have huel as I run out.

What a non-intuitive system!

Next Charge date. Hang on, so that’s the date you’ll charge my card. That’s important to you, not important to me, I want to know when you’re going to DELIVER IT!.

So despite setting it all up, the one thing the subscription page doesn’t tell me?

When my next delivery is :frowning:

Also current variant 16?


Please look at this, it makes no sense.

How many am I ordering?
What flavour bags am I getting?
When are they coming?

Can I add some one offs to the order, scoop, cup, shaker, flavour pack?

That’s what I want to see as a customer, not variants and numbers. I mean why allow your customers to order 16 of variant one and pay more?

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If you’re about to run out in the next few days I’d be inclined to drop custs service a mail as well. They’ll sort things out tomorrow most likely

Are you trying to Edit a current subscription? That’s the only place you see this message, it’s just how the system presents it, make sure you’re heading to Manage Subscription Flavours, this is where you will able to add or remove flavours etc.

The app is called ReCharge, so it’s just them branding their system. There is a button that says ‘Delivery schedule’, head here and you’ll get a break down of your subscription delivery dates.

You can’t add these items to a one off order unfortunately but if you would like them then just drop us an email and we will happily sort that out for you :slight_smile: Sorry it isn’t more convenient.

It’s not so much not convenient, as clunky and frustrating.

It would also be really useful to see the price per bag such as this.


Huel Bag Prices
# bags Total price Price per bag

16 £292.50 £18.28
15 £274.50 £18.30
14 £256.50 £18.32

and so on

13 £238.50 £18.35
12 £220.50 £18.38
11 £202.50 £18.41
10 £184.50 £18.45
9 £166.50 £18.50
8 £148.50 £18.56
7 £130.50 £18.64
6 £112.50 £18.75
5 £95.40 £19.08
4 £77.40 £19.35
3 £58.50 £19.50
2 £40.50 £20.25

I have to agree here. I’ve had lots of bad experiences with the subscriptions.

One time so I got sent 2 extra bags of Huel on a subscription that was hidden from me. So got sent 4 bags in total (without the discount) on two separate deliveries one of which I couldn’t even see to edit.

Another time I got sent separate deliveries that could have been combined into a single delivery, a member of the Huel team had to combine them for future because the system couldn’t tell that both addresses were the same address.

Huel: Your products are great, your marketing is on point but please fix the subscriptions. It’s very difficult for the end user to navigate and edit.

We want to create our own subscription program but we don’t have enough people right now. Thanks for the suggestions, we’re doing our best with an app that we have little control over the interface.

If only we could order via a mobile app :slight_smile:

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Hey @Tim_Huel Just after all this. Got 2 bags out of my 16 delivered. Apparently this is my fault. I won’t name your customer services rep in public. But having something that obviously wrong on your end and then have someone in CS trying to tell me it’s my fault as a customer really doesn’t come across well.

So ordered 16 bags of huel.
So charged for 16 bags of huel.
Didn’t get it the next working day.
Didn’t get my discounts applied properly.
Told by customer services this is my fault…

I really dispair.

Great product!

I have £90 of recommendation vouchers. I’m that keen on it, but if anyone comes close to the product but can actually do customer service, I’d be gone in a flash!