Subscription is acting up

I can no longer change how many bags I want for my subscription… please look into this

try changing web browser to change the items on the subscription.

I’m currently using Google Chrome and it seems to work fine,
I recall someone last week saying they had problems with Opera, which web browser are you using?


Hey I’m using chrome. It was fine recently but now it doesnt work and it looks different too

Huel ordering system is poor & not flexiable enough for me


Definately needs work

Skaffa Outlook för Android

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You can, you’re just on a different section, but it’s super easy to change your flavours :slight_smile:

Click on Manage Subscription Flavours on the left hand side instead.

You’ll then be presented with this:

Hope this helps!

@Tim_Huel not trying to change flavors, but how many bags in my subscription :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand, but the option to change the pouches is within this option. Was just pointing you in the right direction.

Ohh- now I see it. It must have been moved, cant recall it being under that subcategory lol. Thanks Tim

I had this problem too. Huel tech were unable to fix it so I’ve had to cancel my membership entirely, which I didn’t want to do. I’ll come back with a new account when these technical problems have been fixed. At the moment, I have a pile of unordered Huel to work through first.

I’ve been trying to add my student discount and it isn’t applying it… no issues with product choice though! I’ve messaged Huel and hoping to get a response