Subscription management does not work

Hello there,

was trying to change one of my Huel powder flavours into a different taste in my subscription, however the entire thing seems not to be working for my account. (Neither does cancelling the sub)

// Some developer insight

Sending a request of edit or cancel gives a server response with code 500 and message saying “Server Error”. The payload of the POST request does not seem to have typos, so unless the thing is broken for everyone, my account might have bugged ‘address_id’, ‘key’ or ‘shopify_product_id’.

Please check what is going on, or redirect me to someone who can fix my account. Not being able to cancel a subscription which takes money from my wallet is a huge thing. (I only want to edit it for now)

PS. You might want to use production version of Vue in your site, as the one you’re using now shows all the warnings and errors in the console. Also all the components data is being shown in Vue developer tools in Chrome, might want to hide them from customers :slight_smile:

Looking forward to a response, have a nice day folks !

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Bartek, thanks for raising that. I’ve forwarded this thread to our dev team and will let you know when we’ve solved it.

Hello, I am happy to say that the problems I raised have been fixed. Have a nice day guys!

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