Supergreens mixed in

Having had success mixing matcha tea powder in with the huel, I was interested in getting some green powders, maybe green juice powders OR super green powders like the type made by bioglan.

Now these are chemically and physically different to green tea powder and I didn’t know whether they would mix well or badly in the digestive system with the ingredients of gluten free huel??

Any ideas?

I’ve mixed in these with my Huel in the past an makes a change with some added flavour and extra nutrients with no side effects

maybe berry blast works, but supergreens didnt quite agree with me. it didnt seem to mix well

I was thinking of buying spirulina to put into Huel. I used to use spirulina with vegan protein shakes. It’s not a ‘supergreen’ in the sense that you mean it, but it is a blue-green algae that has pretty impressive health credentials.