Vegetables to blend in ideas

As much as I love Huel, and use it for the majority of my calories, a part of my still feels like there’s some value in eating “real” food. I meal prep a bunch of salads and eat one every night. I’ve also been blending some mixed berries with my morning shake for them cancer fighting antioxidants. I’m thinking of adding some green veggies to a later shake. Spinach? Broccoli? Frozen or fresh? I’d love to hear all of your thoughts and experiences!

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The beauty of Huel is you can use it as you wish, and using it as a base to add additional ingredients is absolutely not unheard of! I love blending Berry v3.0 with ice, frozen berries, frozen spinach, and sometimes ginger or something similar. I mainly do it for taste, but I’m sure others do this for other health benefits. :blush:

Spinach is the obvious one. It will go with almost any flavour.
Avocado works well too depending on flavours

I add frozen vegetables to all my HS meals.

Some combos I like…

Corn with Coconut Curry
Broccoli with Mac&Cheese + BBQ sauce
Sting beans with Mexican Chilli

I grow my own mung bean sprouts on the windowsill. Takes a few days to grow and then harvest them, adding a cup full of sprouts to a blender and whisk up the beansprouts and Huel together into a super nutritious meal.

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