Sweet and sour H&S texture

Is the sweet and sour flavour of the hot and savoury Huel supposed to have a vastly different texture than the other flavours?

I already make my pots with extra water so they’re soupy but S&S is just…gloopy? It’s vastly thicker than the other flavours, even with the extra water that I normally use. And it’s not for a lack of mixing the bag before I scoop, I assure you!

Initially I though I had just put an extra scoop in by accident on the first day. But it’s definitely just two scoops in here today, and it’s the same gloopy thick texture as before.

Is this just an off bag or is this how all of the sweet and sour bags are?

I can confirm that I add more water for sweet and sour than the other H&S. I don’t mind though, on the contrary : it makes a larger meal quantity for the same number of calories.

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Hey there, so you definitely need more water with Sweet & Sour. On the pouch, you might have missed it, we actually recommend 40ml more water per 2 scoops with Sweet and Sour (normally we say 210ml, but Sweet and Sour we say 250ml).