Following use of the product I’m sad to say that it was not what I was expecting. It bears no semblance the product in bottled form. That was delicious. The powder, oh dear. It is so unpalatable that my wife just can’t take it. There is way too much of artificial sweetener in the powder. BTW the use any artifcial sweetener in a health product to me is counter to what people take health drinks for. There are plenty of natural sweeteners available that they can choose to use if they have a “sweet tooth”. Furthermore. Even preparing the day before using they are, texture wise, definitely gritty. If I had the option of trying a samlper pack prior to purchasing 2 bags and they all tasted like these, I would have remained with the bottled version. .

If you want to have the same (or very similar) texture and taste as the ready-to-drink version, you’ll have to use a good high-power blender when mixing the powder.

Strange i thought the bottled stuff tasted far more artificial than the powdered stuff. There is an unsweetened bag u can purchase or the black huel with no artificial sweeteners added.
Agree with you on the samples even if they did it for existing customers but its a sales thing that they don’t provide samples no matter what that claim why they don’t offer samples

No it really isn’t. Small 100g samples for example aren’t available (anymore) because it would only give the user one attempt to try the product. I didn’t like my first Huel powder shake. It took a few goes before I got the ratio of powder to water, my preferred flavours, how much flavour, chilled/ambient water, left to soak or freshly made, blend in fruit or other stuff, and simply to get used to it. There are literally hundreds of combinations on how to make a shake. If you only sell a one shot packet and the user doesn’t like it you’ve lost them forever. If you sell them a whole pouch they can have a few tries changing the factors above before making a final choice.

Buying a single bag though should be possible but it’s not because of legacy website design choices. Work is being done at the moment to offer some flexibility here, hopefully allowing people to get hold of a single bag easier, but we’ll have to wait and see what is changed.


Alot of folk wouldnt try it again if they didnt like it first time of trying.
As said theres no reason as to why one pouch could be sold.

Both the RTD (bottled product) and the Powder (v3.0 and Complete Protein) contain artificial sweeteners. Sucralose, the sweetener we use has been demonstrated to be safe for consumption by humans by numerous studies and reports.The benefits of it far outweigh any potential issues you might have, compared to the very well researched negatives of non-sweetener alternatives like sugar. We’ve written about it here if you are interested:

To clarify what I mean the reason we don’t use natural sweeteners in these products is because sugars and syrups like honey and sucrose add calories, negatively affect dental health and also only provide sugar, they’re not what we want in a Huel product.

However, we have a number of products which don’t use artificial sweeteners! Like Black Edition, Hot & Savoury and our Bars! We want to have a selection of products with and without artificial sweeteners to improve your choice. We also have Unflavoured/Unsweetened versions of v3.0 and Complete Protein which might be more suitable for you, you could add your own flavourings in.

RTD and Powder are very different products. I think they give you a good idea of how much they will fill you up, and an idea of the flavour, but texture they are very different for a number of reasons.