T shirt question

How long is it acceptable to wear the super comfy grey huel t shirt before you have to peel it off to wash it.

Asking for a friend…

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I think if a stranger tells you that you smell then that’s when you know you really smell. But not before. So you keep wearing your favourite t-shirt!

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This brings me epic happiness

I reckon it’ll do another week :joy:

You’ll know it’s time when it starts to get crusty and curl up at the edges

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Never, wear it in the shower


Any chance of another free one for so many packet bought

wouda thought the free advertising was a sales winner

I wore mine to work and two peeps told me that looked it up on the internet
should get a free one for the tip really ???

What is this… shower of which you speak…? :blush:

Finally had to put it in the wash and wear a mere mortal non huel t shirt. I am counting the seconds til we are reunited.

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So happy to see we can purchase the free joiners t-shirts again. I love mine and the fact I can now replace it with a new one makes me happy :slight_smile:

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