T Shirt Size Conspiracy Theory

They only sell the T Shirts so that they analyse what demographic of weight people are who consume huel without having to ask anyone.

Puts on tinfoil hat

This is satire, please don’t kill me


Not true, I’m only 55 kilos but have massive t*ts hence ordered extra large.

I don’t see the relevancy of your being a massive ti… oh, you have massive… sorry :wink:

I have however already thwarted evil HuelHQ’s plans to analyse their customers’ private data single handedly. I place lots of large orders. I give them true data. But… I don’t actually consume their product. Mwua ha haa, BTW Anyone know how to get rancid congealed oats out of a pool pump?


My Huel T-shirt has ruined my life. I ordered a large and it is ever so slightly too small and every time I get down to the correct weight to be able to wear it with pride I put the weight back on and it has to go into storage again.


We have no comment at this stage.


But basically yes hahah

I bought a larger size so it would a comfy lounging around in the evening kinda top…