Thanks for making the protein powder labels easy to peel off

At first, I was a bit annoyed that the protein powder tubs are almost 50% empty. Surely that’s a waste of packaging, storage space, etc?

Then I discovered that the labels peel right off without leaving any residue and realised they’d be good for putting things in. Not sure what, but I’m sure I can find a use for them.

Also, good job on fixing the issue with the seals on the powder bags. Closing them was a genius idea that does stop the powder from getting in the zip.


I agree. The tubs are great :+1:

Complete Protein is much lighter than our other Huel products, when we fill this into the tubs this is filled to approx 90% with some room allowed in the top to ensure tubs are filled cleanly and do not create a dusty factory environment. Over time and during shipping of the tubs, the powder in the tubs will begin to settle down and fill the gaps of air in the tub. We would recommend you give the tub a shake before opening to help mix the powder back up for the best experience.

Glad you’ve noticed and appreciate it! It’s been a long battle.

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