The fridge is your friend

A lot of you, like me, have your Huel as a portion of your diet or in the place of breakfast or lunch or both. Personally, I have four of these a day. Three at work, one after the gym or in the evening, with some food to up my calories cause I’m gaining weight.

Anyways, just wanted to share the fact that Huel tastes much more pleasant, and is easier to drink, if you leave it in the fridge overnight. Make your batch the evening before you want it, whack them all in the fridge, take them to work with you and bang, they’ll be smoother with a more mellow flavor. Jobs a goodun. :grin:


Sound advice Steven! Thanks.

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I am too lazy with it I find, Tend to just shake it up and drink it. Have added cinnamon in the past but am definitely not doing it for the taste. Try to just get it in my system without tasting it at all (not that it is particularly bad) I love how fast and easy it is, feels like cheating.
During long introverted shut in periods I like to pretend it is the apocalypse outside and I am in the future, the last human alive surviving on nutrient fluid.

Some of the inventions people have come up with already have been amazing though and would really like to try making the chocolate nutrient balls.


I can’t help but get inspired to have a philosophical pondering about things from time to time. In this case, how ‘laziness’ really is an ever lowering bar of personal attitude. In generations past you would have been too lazy to hunt your own food and would have ‘settled’ for the ‘quick’ option of walking miles to the nearest market for your meat. Beats killing it or raising it yourself, amirite!?

In 2017 people are too lazy to plan their drink the night before they intend to drink it, and put the drink into a fridge rather than just consume it immediately lol. Damn. I really wonder how low that bar can get before someone won’t want it to be even lower.

As an aside, I do that for the lumps, not so much the taste, although it does taste nicer when it’s cold I find =]

Funnily enough, I was reading about a potential apocalypse the other day and was thinking about Huel.

There’s a bit about surviving on “freeze-dried cottage cheese and beef stroganoff.”

Maybe that’s marketing opportunity. Huel - Survival Edition - Freeze dried to stay fresh for decades in your bunker.


I wonder if there are any rich people who have servants make their Huel for them. I’m imagining Prince Charles demanding that freshly blended Huel be always available when he returns from a polo match.


That had been refrigerated at 4 degrees for a minimum of 6 hours!

I do a little bit of ‘Influencer outreach’ and there are some higher profile celebs that use Huel of whom I imagine don’t shake their own meals! However, perhaps I’m just being presumptuous!

Prince Charles?

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Very true, we live in a sped up time where everything needs to be on demand. It is integrated into our culture. Dial up internet was the most painful experience known to man, but a loading bar on a streaming video processing 600 times more data than was remotely possible back then is no less painful today. We are developing technology so fast that we are getting impatient that it isn’t happening fast enough. Our very own digital industrial revolution.
And I still don’t have fiber optic… Pfff

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I have BT Unlimited Infinity, which gives me speeds of up to 52Mbps. This doesn’t solve the problem that other websites are often too slow. Channel 4 is a classic example. I often get it pausing in the middle of playback even if my broadband speed has tested as 48Mbps. Their servers are probably overloaded with too many people trying to play at once.

But yes, I remember dial-up. I remember when I first got a 2Mbps broadband connection. It’s was amazing! I could download MP3 files without having to wait all day.

We also used to have a black & white TV when I was a kid. I can still remember the first time I saw cartoons in colour at my friend’s house. It was great!