The future of Huel is surely

…Huel pills? Only half joking here!

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My childhood dream.

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They could do it right now, easily. They’d be hard to swallow though.

Now I’m imagining myself prone on the kitchen floor, slowly digesting a massive Huel pill like a python that swallowed a toddler.

My childhood dream.

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My adult reality



I’m serious though. If these guys could condense it into 3 pills a day, they could be done with the flavours, the shipping, the hassle.
How hard can it really be?


So, a certain amount of food contains a certain amount of kcal. 1g of fat is 9kcal and protein and carbs around 4. If you would need your 2000 kcal a day in a certain ratio, you’d always need a certain mass of food. It would be quite improbable to put all this mass in two or three pills, they would be quite big…

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They could probably just use a black hole or something. Think big!

Or would the black hole make them less dense? I can’t remember.

And we’d have to be at the black hole too so we’d be under the same conditions as the pill. Maybe it’s not as practical as it seemed at first.


I agree. They may be able to give you the vitamins and minerals, but not the calories to make you feel full.

yeah - you really wouldn’t get that meal replacement benefit if it were in pill form.

Hmm all joking aside “fullness” is just a chemical message your body gives your brain. If there was somehow a realistic way to power the body with a single pill, that pill would just also have to contain an inhibitor of the “hungry” feeling. Imagine the good it would do in society until it inevitably ends up being exploited

its true you can quite easily chemically trick the body into thinking its full and indeed there are many appetite surpressant drugs on the market - I also know that (currently) these type of drugs do not come without a physical cost to pay also.

Yes I would imagine it could be pretty dangerous to suppress your appetite without actually providing adequate nutrition

That would be a tough decision for the company to swallow…


I much as I wish it was, it’s not possible :cry:Like @ROAG says kcal have to have a certain density otherwise it’s just a vitamin tablet.
It would be interesting to see what the minimum you could make food though?