The Huel Experience

Last year I was given the chance to try another food suppliment, let me start by saying it was terrible.

Then comes around March this year like most I was sitting in doors and gaining weight due to lack of exercise and lack of cooking proper meals. That was when Huel was recommend to me. At the moment I take it once a day usually during streaming when eating is more of a hassle. But I can see it stretching to morning and evening meals. 100% can recommend for those like me and the mrs who find it hard to commit time to food prep.


yeah i have it all the time :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to have you on the team! So pleased that it’s helped you out through lockdown :blush: Thanks for sharing!

:laughing: You make it sound like a medicine!! We usually say eat/drink/have!

Some might say it is.

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