The Pre & Post Workout Meal Myth

Interesting video talking about food and exercise:

:thinking: kinda confused on when I can actually eat now


Easy. Don’t eat before during or after your workout. So if you ever work out, never eat again.


By that logic you could eat during the exercise.

Is there a pre and post workout myth? I’m not sure about a pre-exercise meal but a snack if you need the energy seems logical to me. Post exercise, I thought studies had shown carbs and protein shortly after exercise helped recovery. Again I’m not sure if that constitutes a meal but recovery is good so you can exercise consistently.

Common sense seems to suggest it is a zero sum game. If these ‘meals’ are in addition to what you would eat anyway then that should be obviously not great for weight loss. But it would still be simple maths IMHO and if the exercise is greater than the consumption then go for it. If he is talking about the same calories just eaten at a different time then that seems odd to say the least. I’m not sure why the same calories consumed at some other point of the day would be more beneficial than consumed close to exercise.If that is what he is suggesting, it isn’t clear to me.


Big fat Huel with whole milk two hours before my workout, big fat Huel with a scoop of whey and whole milk after my workout. The gains seem to be coming nicely, so screw this guy’s advice in my opinion. Would prefer to listen to the likes of AthleanX.


Depends what your goals are I guess?


Something similar myself. Protein bar and banana before workout. Whole milk and Huel with isolate added after. Looking to make Lean gains. Any good links categories here for advice?

I’ve struggled a bit on that front here. I thought there’d be quite a few people into the fitness scene, maybe even the bodybuilding scene, but everyone seems to be vegan etc so can’t really relate to me chugging a pint of whole milk every day hahaha. I normally get told whole milk will destroy my insides yada yada!

My main resource is /r/fitness on Reddit. /r/NaturalBodybuilding is pretty good as well, if you have no interest in juice!

Cheers, nice one. Upping my training and struggling upping calories as I know it’s the right thing to do to make strength and muscle gains but after losing weight and being body conscious hard to get in the mindset and sweet spot

I’ve been through the same since a couple of years ago. Dropped from 17 stone down to 12st 5lb, got into fitness along the way. Last September I begun bulk phase with a paranoia of gaining fat, but didn’t… I mean I gained a tiny bit, sure, but my strength and muscle mass increased enormously. I was on around 3500 calories until Christmas. Back on a little cut now to get down to summer body status!

Great stuff mate, almost identical figures and story. Not managed to gain the calories from 2500 to 3000 or enough ‘real’ training to justify them over winter so at 6’ 2" and 85kg and 17% bf still. Started new training a month ago to get solid at lifting and now need to go hard on calories and weight and monitor bf

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Nutrition timing is generally not something you need to worry about. Seems like the guy in the video wants to replace one myth with another.

I just checked a bit the guy in the video. He calls himself “Dr.” everywhere, but as far as I can see in his website he’s a chiropractor and the closest he got to non-alternative medicine was as an Army X-ray technician…

Makes me doubtful.

Good detective work :slight_smile:

At least he’s not as bad as Dr. Phil, though, whose standard advice seemed to be “GET REAL!”

Just track your actions and results and ignore this. Nobody knows the answer to this.