Think Huel should compensate us

I think it’s pretty bad that deliveries are taking so long. OK, Huel ran out of product - so why continue taking orders, why not put that feature on hold?

I actually think it’s really greedy to take the money out of users’ accounts when they have no intention of shipping anytime soon. Personally I haven’t received any email updates about delays and stock.

I also think it’s really irresponsible to have such a poor supply chain when you’re selling such an essential product. Sure, some people use Huel to top up their food and can go without, but many people use Huel to help with special diets, or because they are ill and can’t eat solids, or to help heal an eating disorder. Not having enough raw materials in stock while taking users money smacks of you putting profit before your customers, which jars with the Huel feel good ethos you sell yourselves on.

There’s actually been no talk of compensation either. You’ve taken people’s money, money they now can’t spend on buying supplies from your competitors, and aren’t giving people information on when they can actually expect to get the products they have paid for.

Don’t you think your customers deserve compensation for that inconvenience?

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Hi Hannah, thanks for message and we’re so sorry that you’ve been affected by our stock shortages. It’s the first time in 3 and a half years that this has ever happened and has been a massive learning curve for all here at Huel HQ.

We generally offer next day delivery, but with our stock shortages this was initially delayed by 7 days. Although terrible in Huel terms, actually in the grand scheme of online delivery not that bad. So we didn’t turn off our the product. Most people have been OK to wait a few extra days for their order and we’ve been so grateful for everyone’s patience here.

What is it that you have ordered? I can’t find your order information from the info on your discourse account (name or email address). The current stock situation is different for different products.

As I’ve said, this is the first time this has happened ever. The ingredient that we were let down on was quickly replaced, sent to us and we started blending within a few days and the first orders were sent out mid last week in chronological order.

Where we’re at now in the UK.
Regular Huel:
All orders from last week has been fulfilled and should have now been delivered unless there was a specific issue with delivery.
All orders this week for Regular: approx 3 day delay, should be dispatched by Friday

GF Huel:
Powder that was ordered last week has now been fulfilled and should either be with the customer or on its way today/tomorrow. All orders this week for GF approx 3 day delay, should be dispatched by Friday

We don’t expect this to be dispatched until Nov 26th due to time it takes to be tested by Informed Sport.

I’m sorry that this has been the case for you, this means that you also wouldn’t have received the email we sent. We have given everyone affected a £10 discount code and have refunded all Gluten-free/Professional customers affected with £20 (approximately 50% of the vast majority of our orders) due to the additional days they had to wait. There is a chance that some Huelers were missed due to the timing of the export and it sounds like this is the case for you. If you DM me any order information I can sort this out for you manually.

I’m sorry again for the problems we have caused you, Hannah. We’re working so hard to sort it out and ensure that this won’t happen again.


I agree: FREE delivery when ordering pretty much anything online is generally shipped in 48 hrs and delivery takes 3-5 days, so a total of about a week from day of ordering.
Most companies charge quite a lot (yes even Amazon - you have to be Prime member to get next day delivery) to get next day delivery or even delivery within 48hrs.


Hi Tim, my order number is 22048-EU

It says I can’t DM you, so…

I also haven’t received a discount code and I ordered on the 1st November (with a delivery issue, but I was told this had been fixed at least a week ago)

I can understand people get frustrated, however in my experience Huel does everything in the best possible way and always go the extra mile for their customers. Those things happen to the best of companies as there can be hickups at any of producers they buy from, one of the biggest companies in Sweden ran out of popcorn for weeks recently… and they have endless amounts of money. Y’all should have some patience because I sincerely don’t doubt they are doing everything to resolve this asap and most likely are under stress about it too.


Another Swedish company, Oatly had production issues when they moved to a bigger factory…and we couldn’t get it in the UK for weeks.

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It would have been nice if delays had been posted on the website rather than finding out on a forum several hours later. Your delivery page says “All orders placed before 9pm will be delivered the next working day.”

As it is I happened to find this forum and this post because I was randomly browsing, and have to find something else before amazon closes its next day delivery window, which is a pain.

I think the delays are minimal now @TonyHoyle. I ordered yesterday and received today. That’s gluten free though. Maybe regular has a bit of a back-log but everyone is getting their orders today and tomorrow it seems.
The website did clearly state the delay, on the order page, I got a big red bold message telling me I may have to wait up to 7 days for dispatch. But it still came super quick dispite the message.

Maybe if there’s no longer a message, that’s because there’s no longer a delay?
As far as I know it’s almost back to normal now…

Well… I’ve got another box of saturo on order to tide me over for a few days. I don’t want to go back to the greggs meal deals even temporarily when I’ve just got my stomach used to a more unusual diet - and getting used to not being tired all day. I’m trying huel as premade bottles are too bulky to be storing at work, plus it’s half the cost…

I’ve messaged you on FB, on Twitter and on here.

So far, no replies.

My order was placed on 8/11 and €100 paid out of my account, and I’ve heard nothing since, no dispatch email or anything.

Also no discount code.

Bumping this as no solution found so far - total silence from Huel

Since your situation is similar…
Just got a generic email from them saying they will aim to dispatch the order within 10 working days (note: dispatch not deliver). So that’s on top of the initial delay aka a total potential delay of 18 days in my case.

Hi Hannah,

Bit confused, I’ve replied to you here? I was waiting on a response from the EU team :frowning:

I believe Lucie has now replied to you, explaining the out of stock issues and offering compensation?

Yeah I remember that… couldnt get the coffee milk in ages, that sucked major arse

Hi @Hdoyle I agree.

It’s incredible they took our money long time ago (in my case more than 10 days already) and we’re still waiting for the product.
At least what they should do, is giving our money back and once the product is ready, let us know (we’ll see if by that time we still wnat to keep buying HUEL).

@Tim_Huel How can we make it for you to give us our money back? I need it to buy a different brand and being able to keep going on with my nutrition plan

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I know!!!

If they actually cared about their “community” they would have blocked the option to buy Huel during their shortage. It would have saved everyone (including them) a lot of hassle but I guess their cash flow was more important to them.

Anyway like I said I just placed an order with Feed and they seem really good. Let me know if you decide to order from them because I have a 20% discount code you can use. Not sure if they deliver to spain.


Bumping this as its now 11 days since ordering…any update on whats going on for your Europe customers @Tim_Huel ?

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Order Order #: #2879-DK

November 8th.

Not a word here either…

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