This is the best way to make Huel

I tried a few ways to make huel, most of them were a mess. Here is what I do…

What you need:
a kitchen scale
ninja blender with 24 ounce cup and AUTO-IQ button

How to:
24 ounce cup on the kitchen scale, clear button to zero, scoop in 125 grams with provided scoop
fill 24 ounce jar with water, an inch or two from the top
put on ninja blender hit auto-iq button (auto-iq is awesome)
DONE, rinse off the blender base
Do 3 cycles of water and dump for 2-3 seconds on high on blender.

Takes 1-2 minutes to make 1-2 minutes to clean up and completely liquefies the huel.

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Totally agree. I do 400ml water, frozen berries and 3 slightly less than level scoops, put it in the ninja, store in fridge over night, wash ninja. Done!

I add a load of ice to mine. I like the slush puppy texture. Nomnomnom

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