This really could be what I've been looking for.....but first, a few questions

'ello everyone!

At the moment my diet is pretty non solid and I find myself binging sometimes. I currently use a protein shake (a VERY tasty one too) and have three shakes a day. I supplement this with porridge once or twice a day depending on how hungry I am.

I hate preparing food. It’s annoying and largely I think food is just human fuel and I don’t want to have to think so hard about it every time I have to eat. I have been looking for a food replacement supplement which will, with 100% certainty, deliver the nutrition my body needs.

So, a few questions…
The RDA’s… How many grams of the powder do I need to use per day to meet that requirement?
The nutritional info on the website is confusing the hell out of me. It appears that on four meals per day that I’ll be smashing the GDA’s?

The costs… At the moment a tub of shake offers 75 servings for £22. I use one tub a month or thereabouts. Obviously it’s a good product and because my brother is a gym owner I get it £8 cheaper… To meet the 100% daily allowances how long will a pack last? I’m unemployed/starting a business so cost is MASSIVELY important at the moment.

Does anyone know what the uptake of vitamins etc is? Does the gut absorb all the goodies in the shake?

In terms of calorie intake… I think that I’m around 1200 a day at the moment and OK with this as I’m sedentary with a home based office business. I will be exercising with kettlebells in the coming days and so my fuel consumption will need to increase to accommodate. A handy bi-product of protein and porridge as a diet is that I have been losing weight.

Additionally, are there benefits to being a distributor? Do you use them? My brother has a lot of people using his gym and they follow his instructions fairly religiously. If it’s a product he would use… his customers will use it too, without question.

Have a good day,

To get at least 100% of every nutrient you need to eat 497.5g per day. This is 2000kcal per day.

Assuming you get the best deal available (112 meals + subscription) the cost of a day worth of Huel (2000kcal) is £5.35. Your first delivery (which will contain 8 bags of Huel) should last 28 days. I have no idea how this compares to your protein powder as I don’t know what in it. It’s not a bad price for a healthy diet though.

Well if you send a discount code to a new customer and they use it you get £5 off your next order. Maybe there is something more substantial if you do more than this, idk.


Thanks Quidditch, that’s what I was expecting.

The protein I use is £22 for 25 days. It contain the amino acids and some vitamins but is not an all round solution. As I explained, my circumstances are such that I cannot afford £150 every 28 days. Adding fruit and veg to my diet should take care of most of what I’m missing in the short term. I may revisit this product in the future and £5.35 is not an unreasonable amount to pay per day for food.

If a Huel product presents itself where I can get the RDA’s for half the consumption then I’d look at it. For the moment though, the costs are prohibitive.

Have a good evening and thanks once again.

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Can you let me know what the £22 for 25 days gets you. What brand it is, what weight do you get? Huel will cheaper than using fruit as a source of vitamins.


I’d quite like to know about the bioavailability of the assorted chemicals too.

I understand there are some tests in progress where some people are on 100% Huel for an extended time. Would it be feasible (or even possible?) to use blood samples to verify that all of the nutrients are being absorbed and not just taking a circuitous route to going down the loo.

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