Three New Flavours for Hot & Savoury! 🌶

You can feel the fill line with a finger or thumb if you can’t see it.

Nope. You’re seeing a reflection. No line. The interior of the pot is smooth. Nothing. Nada.

That’s why I said I thought it would be better to make the pot translucent and add a line in the first place! Maybe I got a dud?

That’s super weird, I can’t imagine they use more than one manufacturer for these.

Maybe @Charlotte_Huel can advise? Although it’s after office hours now so perhaps tomorrow.

Good luck!

The instructions are right @Uitlander mix thoroughly! There are loads of different ways you can do that, tipping the bag upside down a few times, using the scoop to mix, whatever you do you want everything evenly distributed because the larger, lighter ingredients can sometimes sit at the top and the more powder ingredients like the herbs and spices are more towards the bottom.

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Now I understand that, I’m going to store my unopened bags upside down until a day before I open them. Neeeeed that spice lol!

@Uitlander glad you’re overall enjoying your H&S, the pot is useful definitely, whenever you have to cover something while it cooks I hate having to wash up the extra plate to cover the bowl!

There might still be two scoops going around, probably to protect stock levels, they’re slightly different shapes but contain the same volume. More details here.

Do you mean that, compared to your 400kcal of Huel Powder, you aren’t as filled up from 400kcal of H&S?

:pray: you are honestly in a minority - we thank you!

Now now, let’s not exaggerate! Hot & Savoury costs £2.35 a meal, Huel Powder costs £1.32 a meal.

Please do drop us an email on, I’m sure the team would send you out another one if you don’t have the fill line in yours. However I would say it’s best to experiment and find the perfect amount of water for you.

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Thought I’d add my thoughts on the full flavour line up as it stands, in reverse order of preference…

6 Thai Green Curry - Fine but a bit too fragrant for me, but I seem to be in the minority on this. Personally won’t order again as I prefer others.
5. Tomato & Basil - Also fine, texture isn’t quite right for me, again won’t re-order as I prefer others.
4. Sweet & Sour - quite like this one, but it needs a good mix in the scoop and seems to need more water to avoid it being too sludgy, but I like the flavour (very reminiscent of a sweet and sour pot noodle!), will probably order again.

The top 3 are all good so the order below is only suggestive;

3 Madras - good texture, good flavour, not actually that spicy but I enjoy adding a few drops of my own hot sauce to mix up the flavours a little anyway! Will order again.
2 Mexican Chilli - really like the variety of texture and flavour, feels quite close to a bowl of rice and chilli, good ‘base’ for adding hot sauce!
1 Korma - I think you’ve done a great job of getting the creaminess right on this one, feels like a curry sauce with rice etc. Again I like to add a little hot sauce to it as well.


  • I like the convenience of the pot.
  • I’ve only been using the scoop and water mark line, not weighing it.
  • Shaking the bag wasn’t working for me to get decent distribution. First few portions were bad (e.g. too loose) as a result of a bad mix in the scoop. Find I need to go in with a spoon or the scoop and dig through the pack a little to get a good mix in the scoop. Always end up with powder all over my hand after doing this though!
  • I know I could just go and check the pack now (being lazy), but is there water volume recommendation on the sweet and sour one different? How does that work with the line?

I’ve now tried all the flavours except Madras (was worried about not enjoying it). I was most looking forward to Korma, but it’s just too something. I feel a bit queasy after it, and can’t wait to just finish the bag. I really like the sultanas in it though!

I know T&H has mixed reviews, it’s not my favourite, but I do like it. Mexican Chilli wins top spot. TGC and S&S are also pretty tasty, in my opinion anyway!

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The korma is the only one I haven’t tried. I don’t mind korma but not a fan of sultanas in curries, it’s just a crappy thing that Brits do, so not yet been tempted.

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You’d have done no good at the Nawab Emperor’s feasts! Very high level traditional Indian recipes often featured fruit, including sultanas, when made for royalty.

Is he one of those idiots who puts pineapple on pizza?


That’s the chap.


I was trying to find a positive! I don’t mind sultanas in stuff. Quite fancy sweet rice with sultanas now… I’ll put a request forward to my mum.

At work trying to decide which to have for lunch earlier, I just looked at the korma label, remembered how I feel each time I have it, and opted for S&S. I should probably just bin it :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Disappointed with the korma it has no flavour whatsoever, it’s just like eating plain white rice with a few sultanas in.

Anyone have any idea of what I can add to bring out the flavour a bit without increasing the calories?

Salt and hot sauce do the trick for me!

Ah I’m getting into the Korma! I also have half and half Korma/Madras sometimes too! Definitely don’t think it just tastes of plain rice. It’s got a nice coconutty taste, but as @Kaedius345 says, bit of hot sauce is delish - however will obviously take away the mild spicing korma is known for. Seems obvious, but have you tried a simple bit of seasoning - salt and pepper? Many traditional Indian meals are finished with a sprinkling of garam masala, you could give that a go too?

I’d heard from others that it had a mild coconutty taste which I was looking forward to but it genuinely tastes like nothing at all, no coconut taste whatsoever, even after giving it a good mix which is why I was disappointed :frowning: I tried adding pepper, MSG and hot sauce but as I couldn’t taste any other flavours to start with it just ended up tasting like rice with hot sauce.

I’ll give the garam masala a shot next time though, thanks!

I really like Korma (except for having to spit out the sultanas which my gut won’t tolerate). It has a lovely coconutty taste to me. Another illustration of how different peoples’ taste buds can be.

Big thumbs up for Madras BTW :+1: My order arrived half an hour ago and I couldn’t resist trying it.
My absolute favs are TGC, Korma and Madras (pretty much all level pegging at the moment). I’m amazed I can tolerate whatever onions are in the mix but I’m certainly not complaining. Roll on Mushroom Risotto!


when they had a poll on their social media channels on this, Katsu came out as the clear top with customers. I’d like a Katsu flavour too, but that would make 4 curry flavours so would much prefer a risotto or stroganoff as the next one too.

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Yes stroganoff would be equally welcome.