Time to finally lose some weight

i think complicated meals is also a problem for me. if i’m going to be cooking i’d rather be cooking something more interesting than just some rice, simple chicken and veg
that’s why i’ve been trying to turn to meal replacements but have been having a hard time with finishing them… :frowning:

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Are you struggling to enjoy Huel?
If so, spend some time browsing the forum and you’ll find some good suggestions and ideas.
What flavour are you currently having? And how are you making it? (How many scoops, how much water, are you adding plant milk or cacao or fruit or flavour boost? Do you fridge it? )

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Yep but I am trying to push through. Seems like a lot of people enjoy it and I’m trying to lose some weight

I have the vanilla one as I don’t really enjoy chocolate flavoured products and apparently am not much a risk taker with flavours :sweat_smile:
I’ll keep browsing the forums though! I’m new here and am looking for any tips & tricks I can find :smiley:

I’m generally one 2.5 scoops with about 400ml of water for dinner or 1 scoop with 300ml of water
I haven’t tried using any sort of milk yet and haven’t tried the flavour boosts yet either and don’t fridge it but I do use refrigerated water. A previous meal replacement brand that I tried recommended the refrigerated water and I found that it made it easier to drink than room temperature water

I’m not generally a picky eater but I am a big foodie so I think that’s why I’m having a hard time with meal replacements in general. I quite liked this French brand called SoShape but found them pricey so wanted to test out Huel.

@Marshmallows refrigerating for a few hours or overnight makes a huge difference to the texture as does blending with ice cubes.

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Yep I second @Bee ‘s advice on refrigerating it for a few hours - it improves the flavour and texture dramatically, not just because it’s cold, but soaking softens the oat powder and also mellows out the sweetness of the vanilla flavour.

Do you like coffee? If so, adding good-quality dry instant coffee granules (either decaf or regular) works really well.
I’d suggest cacao but you don’t like chocolate.
Adding a small amount of milk 100-300ml also changes the flavour and texture. Personally I like Oatly, or Alpro hazelnut or coconut. If you drink dairy apparently that works well too but I can’t vouch for that as I’ve not tried it.

I’d say keep experimenting - it takes a while to find what you like. You could try one of the other flavours next time. I’d recommend original and UU and mix them together to create a plain and slightly sweet flavour.
This then gives a good base to add your own flavours to if you want to.
I like the mint choc as well. It’s more minty than chocolate so you might like it


I hope you don’t mind but I’ve continued this discussion in a new thread so I can keep my weight loss tracking thread on topic.
The new thread is here: Mixing your perfect Huel
Welcome to the forum @Marshmallows!

Sorry for derailing your thread, Carly :grin:

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Congrats @Liath on your progress and for staying on track whilst on holiday
It’s great you’re noticing your shape change
I’m having to double-take at your leg-press weights - is that right?
Seriously impressive if it is. I thought my 80kg was good :joy: I’m gonna have to work harder.
I can’t bench press cos I dislocated my shoulder :sob: and I’m out of action for another 6-12 weeks.

Good luck for the week ahead :+1:t2:


Thank you @ChristinaT. Feeling good today, 16st 4lbs this morning and no muscle soreness from the gym so a double win. Also decided to finally break out the tape measure and I’m down 1” each on my chest and hips, 1.5” on my waist and 1.5” on my upper arms - bye bye batwings!

Yes, those leg press weights are right. Really enjoying the weightlifting and irrationally proud every time my numbers go up. :blush: :muscle:t2: :weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♀
Sorry to hear you are injured, heal up quickly :face_with_head_bandage:

Gym fuelled yesterday by a rather yummy mixture of chocolate premix, chocolate flavour boost and caramel flavour boost whizzed up with a banana and some almond milk. Very filling!


No worries! Sorry for derailing your entire thread :see_no_evil:

This sounds so good!!! Going to try that

16st 3lbs this morning which is the lightest I’ve been since 1st March 2016 :slightly_smiling_face:

The key turned out to be tracking my water consumption and making sure I hit 2 litres a day. I am really, really bad at getting distracted and forgetting to drink anything.


Get a 2 litre water vessel and top it up every morning. Don’t quit the day til you’ve emptied it.

That’s what I used to do basically, 1 litre bottle at home, 1 litre bottle at work. Don’t leave work without finishing the bottle at work, don’t go to bed without finishing the bottle at home.

Then my work got very erratic and I was travelling/working from different offices/working at home some days and got out of the habit.

Restart is to have a smaller bottle at home I fill first thing in the morning and drink before I leave for work/switch the laptop on. Then a bottle I have in my work bag that I fill when I start work, refill the bottle at home when I get back/finish for the day. I do find entering into my Fitbit dashboard helps me keep track though.

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16st 1lb this morning. I’m getting within touching distance…
Going to try a new flavour today - Vanilla premix with frozen mango and pineapple. I’m a bit uncertain whether it will actually taste good but I’ve got bags of frozen fruit to use up so figured I’d give it a go.