Tips for beginners?

Hey all!

I’m noticing that there hasn’t been a good ‘tips for beginners’ thread around here (the only one was 8 months ago and didn’t take off!)

I’m new to Huel, I literally just had my first order delivered and I’m looking to get started. Like a fair few, I’m here for the weight loss (I started the ‘couch to 5k’ program a couple weeks ago!) and so I’m looking to go hard or go home with this ‘get fit’ thing!

Does anyone have any general tips or advice? Things new people might not realise or notice etc? Let me know! :slight_smile:

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Hi Hamish

I started my Huel a week ago and am also looking to lose some weight. I’ve found it easy to have around 1900 calories a day with a 40/30/30 macro ratio. That’s two Huel shakes a day, breakfast & lunch, snacks such as nuts and a protein bar, and a nice cooked meal on the evening. I add banana & blueberries or raspberries to my Huel shakes to make them taste more like a smoothie.

I’ve been feeling full all day every day and must say I’m finding 1900 calories a day quite easy, whereas I’d easily eat 2500+ a day previously and still be hungry regularly.

Too early to say if I’m losing weight but I’m thoroughly enjoying my new regime :slight_smile:

Good luck !!

Thanks Tubby_Graver!

I’m 6’4 and 95.7kg, I’m looking to drop to 80kg at first and seeing if I ‘look’ better (I’m not exactly fat, but I do have a bit of a love handle going on, which I want to stop before it gets worse!).

I’m planning on doing something similar, using Huel as two meals a day (breakfast/lunch) for 1000 calories, then using dinner & light snacking (if necessary) to bring me up to 17-1900 calories a day.

Prior to this I wasn’t really active either, which is why I’m also doing my running program three days a week - so hopefully between the two I’ll be on my way to looking fit and feeling fine!

Just made my first Huel shake now - it tastes like a cold/vanilla/runny porridge, so definitely make take you up on the idea of adding bananas & blueberries!

Well funnily enough I’m also 96kg at present and want to get to around 80kg. I’m active 3 times a week for an hour at a time which is a mixture of high intensity strength & cardio exercises. We have hill sprints this evening to look forward to !! The rest of the time is fairly sedentary as I’m driving around going to meetings during the day.

My first shake was this time last Friday and I also didn’t add any fruit. I haven’t made one like that since, I thought it was revolting !! They’re far more bearable with a little banana added but be aware you’ll be adding additional carbs, sugar & calories.

My fitness pal is a good app to use to keep a food diary and keep on top of all the calories consumed. Huel is in there too as a food


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Use My fitness Pal, but look for the Huel with brackets that say (Correct Macro Nutrients).


I didn’t realise that, thanks :+1:

What sorts of things are you having for your cooked meal in the evening? I’m yet to actually figure anything out - other than probably trying to avoid carbs!

Well this week I made a chicken and lentil curry in my slow cooker which lasted a couple of days - simple to make if you have a slow cooker

Last night was pork loin chops with creamy spinach & garlic - also dead easy and quick to make - loads of protein & healthy fats, not many carbs

I’ve found that since I’m having Huel during the day I’m not craving a huge evening meal, and also don’t end up snacking prior to going to bed

In general when losing weight I won’t eat rice, pasta, bread, potato - basically white starchy carbs - also cut sugar, caffeine, alcohol out - although I’ll be binging on alcohol Saturday night due to a summer party :slight_smile:

I lost around 4 stone three years ago with a simple healthy routine of just cutting out sugar and starchy carbs and exercising 3/4 times a week. Unfortunately put it all back on again when an illness put me in hospital and had to have three months off work following surgery !

I’m currently in the dating scene so I won’t be abstaining from the naughty things when it comes to impressing people! (To avoid the ‘What do you mean there’s no gluten free option?!’ etc)

Thanks for the tips though mate. I need to have a good think and a run to the supermarket, as I’ve literally got nothing in :joy: