To other 100%ers

I’m back on the 100% trail. Well, am adding extra protein but I’ve got a few backs of v1 choccy BE and a couple of H&S and they go off later this year.

Also saving for a new motorbike so it makes lots of sense really.

Anyway, what do you guys actually use your kitchens for? Mine has become a sort of chemistry lab of flavour boosts, huel bags and chilled water in the fridge.

Was thinking of setting up a train set or skalextrik track just for the lols as I’ll be on 100% for a few months this time rathe than my usual 4 weeks in 6 nonsense.

I freely admit this is a first world problem.


Sounds like a plan!

(Slightly off-topic, but I’m keen to know - what bike have you got currently, and what are you looking for? Just curious, as a fellow biker…)

I’ve never tried the 100% route, though as I’m having to reshape my entire relationship with Huel, after the loss of Original v2.3, it might be something I move to in the Spring. At the moment, I LIKE the T&H H&S, DISLIKE the TGC, about to open the Mexican chilli, DISLIKE the vanilla, not too keen on the Black Chocolate, and working my way through a flavour boost sample pack, and so far found nothing that really appeals. I think I can get used to the UU for daily use which, with the occasional H&S, may serve as the basis for my 100% experiment.

Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe I’ll start saving for a bike, too! My last one was a Fire Storm, which I loved…

Heh no worries. I’m using up BE choc with coffee for breakfast, then with different flavourings the rest of the day.

I’ve got a couple of meals left of H&S so sometimes those for lunch or dinner, finally run out of bars so no snacks :slightly_frowning_face: But I’ll put an order in soon ™ to stock back up for a few months. It just works out so much cheaper.

I’m going from a KTM RC 125 to a KTM RC 390. Heh. I also have a Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI and a Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja that really only gets used for track days so am contemplating letting that one go.

So yeah KTM is for exploring and going fishing, lexmoto is for shopping (top box and panniers) and the Ninja for track (mostly).

The 125 just doesn’t feel comfortable for me on the bypass when I go to visit my mum, not quite enough power there, hence the upgrade to the 390, should be a lot better at getting me away from haulage vehicles etc.

One of the things I most like about Huel is that you can dip in and out of it for all sorts of reasons, lose weight, gain weight, speed of prep, save money, eat more healthily or frankly sometimes I just really fancy it. It is an incredibly versatile weapon in our food arsenal!

Adventure, shops and track - I like your style very much!

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Do you like coffee? I feel like you could really get into coffee and use the space in your kitchen for espresso and filter coffee equipment.

yes this is an excellent idea, the pit stop could be on the top of the espresso machine.

You should have one cupboard for each Huel product, then a cupboard for ‘extras’ - your flavour boosts and other flavourings.

You would need some really precise weighing equipment, don’t want to accidentally have 403kcal when you wanted 400. This one here looks quite reasonable and will at least take up one cupboard.

I’m not sure on the floor plan of your kitchen, but could one counter top be converted into a day bed? For post Huel naps?

Will think of some more ideas for the new purpose of your kitchen.


Very droll! Actually I don’t do caffeine in drinks very often - other than huel - I used to limit myself to one cup of coffee per morning anyway but I’m all about the Twinings Dark Mint Tea now. Properly epic drink that.

But if anyone wants a freebie nespresso machine with milk frothy gubbins let me know if you’re in the area - should we ever be allowed out of our houses again! :joy:

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Have you tried the Dark Caramel? I like Dark Mint but that is amazing.

Both of those sound really good. Must investigate!


You can actually get a selection box which has 50 assorted flavours from Twinings. Brilliant for discovery new favourites! Included it as a stocking filler for my mum a few christmases ago and got filthy glares from my dad because she kept experimenting on him with new stuff lol.


They sell the dark caramel/dark mint in Morrisons £3.99 a box. I just looked on a well know website where Jeff Bezos makes his pocket money and they are currently on offer for half that.

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I just pick up the dark mint (and breakfast and earl grey and lady grey!) from good old sainsbos. I love Amazon but I’m not about to go penny pinching in groceries from it!

I didn’t get to be a millionaire by spending 100% more than I need to on everything. One of the most penny people my mum used to hang about with is Richard Branson.

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Yeah I had a father in law who was a millionaire and he told me that people don’t get rich by spending money.

Cool, but like, life’s too short. I am happy to spend money on quality that makes a difference to me and I really don’t bother too much on trying to sniff out the best deal on absolutely everything. If it’s a product I enjoy that enhances my life and I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off, I’m good with that.

I don’t actually intend buying it from anywhere. I just mentioned it to Bee cos I know she is such a penny pincher.

Aside from that, I also have an amazon prime account so if I did wanna buy it I could just click buy and it would turn up tomorrow; no need to mingle with the covid-infested proles at the local supermarket, so a sure fire winner there.

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Yeah my mum added me to her prime account - love it. But I have a delivery slot from the supermarket whenever I want one anyway (vulnerable innit) so no mixing for me either!

Yep. It’s why I’ve got pots of money, not.

There you go then. whack 2 quid on amazon and there’s 40 delicious* teabags winging their way to you.

*I say delicious, but I’ve not tried them, I’m not really a fan of those flavoured teas to be honest. I prefer Rooibos, or maybe Lapsang at a push…flavoured with bonfire.

I think not. Perhaps be a couple of flavours I might like and the rest left in the box until way past their use by date.

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Lapsing is like drinking 10 Marlboro reds.

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You go by use by dates? That’s adorable!

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