Too many calories in huel

I am going to give up on Huel. Losing fat is so hickle de pickledy. I am having 2 x 1 scoop and a 4/500 cal meal. One week I lost 7lbs the next week, on exactly the same food, didn’t lose anything. It is not easy to just have 2 scoops per day, and I am really trying and doing good, only to find the scales stay the same. Any way, I am going to try counting cals for breakfast lunch and dinner instead. Sorry Huel.

Have you heard of the Whoosh Effect?
The scales aren’t linear, and honestly 7lbs is quite a lot to lose in just one week! It was likely that your body was losing the fat, but it didn’t show on the scales because of the Whoosh Effect. But because you stuck to it, it showed on the scales later!
Also, is it possible you’re severely undereating? 2 scoops makes 304kcal + 4/500kcal meal = 7-800kcal… no wonder it’s difficult to stick to!
All the best with calorie counting, hope it works better for you :slight_smile: