Transporting Complete Protein

On the pot it says that you should consume the protein shake within of hour of mixing. It may be a daft question with an obvious answer but what do people use to hold their powder when they go to the gym - I don’t want to use a plastic bag or the like. Cheers

I tend to just use the shaker bottle… without any water in it obvs.

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That’s one way, just work out in advance where you need to fill the water line up to.

Alternatively there is a whole world of plastic containers with screw on lids. I got mine from Asda and they look something like this.

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Thanks - I wasn’t sure if it was like the meal shakes where it wouldn’t blend if you put the powder in first - perfect answer :grin:

Thanks - I’m trying to avoid buying anything plastic. If it blends ok with the putting the powder in the bottle first then that’s great! :blush:

@veeski you could tip the dry powder into the shaker lid when ready to make your shake, then tip it back into the shaker after you’ve put water in. That avoids lumps.


Buying a plastic item and reusing it for years on end is not the problem. You can also get shakers which have a detachable section to keep the powder in.

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I like your thinking!! Thank you

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But if I can avoid buying anything plastic then so much the better :blush: I think I have my solution now, thank you

We do still recommend water first, but yes I agree that with the protein it will be less of a problem as it is with Black Edition and v3.0!

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I’ve found that once made up Complete Protein is perfectly fine kept in the fridge overnight. I also often make it up before the gym and it’s fine in my bag for a couple of hours.

I stopped worrying about it after reading this post: Is putting complete protein in the fridge overnight okay? - #4 by Tim_Huel