Trialling all v3.1 bars

Well, I’ve ordered 1 of each Huel Bar v3.1. With a view to doing a taste test.

Has anyone else done this?
If so, what are your findings?

What’s your plan? Are you going take bites from each so you can compare them directly, or eat them hours/days apart so you’re comparing the taste of one to the memory of the taste of another? Will you be doing a blind test?

I haven’t done this experiment, but here’s what I would recommend:

  • Take each bar out of the pack and cut them into quarters. Measure them, don’t just guess. This is science.
  • Each quarter is 50 calories, so testing all six will make a 300 calorie snack.
  • Have an assistant label each flavour with a letter, so that after the test you can identify each flavour. I recommend using A, B, D, E, F, and G. Avoid C as it could bring coffee, chocolate or caramel to mind.
  • Place one quarter of each bar in an airtight container.
  • Repeat x3.
  • Put one container in the fridge so you can do a cold taste test.
  • One container is to be microwaved for a warm taste test.
  • One container is for a room temperature test.
  • The final container is a backup, in case one of your other bar pieces is destroyed or contaminated, perhaps by a dog sneezing on them, or by a war.
  • The order is which you do the test is up to you, but for the microwave test you should heat each piece individually, otherwise the first piece you eat will be far warmer than the last. You need a consistent temperature. 20 seconds is a good heating time for a whole bar, but for quarters perhaps 15 seconds would be better. I don’t know for sure. I am sorry.
  • In between pieces, cleanse your tongue, teeth and palate with water and a toothbrush. Not toothpaste obvs, that’d bugger everything up.
  • Write down your impressions in a spiral-bound notebook with an HB pencil.
  • Your assistant should keep their gob shut throughout. No hints.
  • After completing all three tests, if you haven’t needed to use the backup set, stuff all of them in your mouth at the same time because I wonder what that’s like.
  • Compare notes with your assistant and post your findings here.

Additional note: it’s possible that storing six flavours in one airtight container will cause the stronger flavours to contaminate the weaker ones. You could consider wrapping each piece individually, or just let them fight it out and enjoy the “everything is raspberries” final result.

I look forward to reading your findings.


My earlier review

This is very thorough and an excellent scientific experiment. I notice that you haven’t controlled for sight. I wonder, if the purpose of this experiment is a ‘taste’ test, if we really we should be trying to make all the Bars look the same. A Salted Caramel bar looks quite different to a Chocolate bar and could skew results to more visually appealing bars.

I would recommend shutting yourself in a darkened room which you then use red lamps to light. This way all the bars will look the same colour.

Either that or a blindfold, but you might need a string to the microwave. And the letters on the boxes written in braille.

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Well spotted, Tim. I like the red light idea - gives the whole thing a doomed submarine/brothel vibe.


Hi David,
WOW… that’d be some mother of a test :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I could be as thorough as that.

Anyway, my single bars arrived and I tasted them all - washed down with a couple of mugs of coffee.

My conclusion is- they all tasted like coffee …hahaha

Maybe, I need to buy some more - what do you think?


Forum legend has it that somebody once ate 10 bars in one day…


…also, I found the bars to be on the small side. Sure did fill me up, though!

David and I are twitching now! Where’s the science!?

Haha, looks like you’re gonna have to get some more, what a shame! Which flavours were the least coffee-y?!

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