Truck driver fancies being healthier

Hi all :wave:
Long time lurker first time poster and all that jazz after joining up at last and I’m after picking some brains
Being a truck driver who doesn’t have the patience to do any meal cooking in my cab that’s more intensive than say toast or weetabix I’m unfortunately living on meal deals and other junk food for convenience

Used Huel in the past and actually felt better for it although explaining to work mates over and over that it isn’t a protein shake was getting old :laughing:

Anyway to the point I’ve tried Huel (a year ago not the new current one) and I’ve tried Huel black but I much prefer Black and feel I’d be more likely to use it as it suited my taste buds
If I’m not in any need of the extra protein would it be negative to me? I don’t work out or anything so would it be wasted money?
I’m after 2000cals a day ideally three meals but understand it’s recommended to have four instead??

Any help would be great, I’ve tried searching but not quite found the answer


the 2000kcal is when Huel is nutritionally complete so thats actually 5 meals - so you can either have that or less but supplement it with other foods - or larger shakes :slight_smile:

there’s a comparison guide here.

Great to have you here, finally!

Haha I feel you! Must get old, just give them your referral discount and get them involved!

I don’t think there’s any problem with this. If you prefer the taste of Black Edition then go for!

One more question as I normally make notes on my phone but have lost them, a single bag of Huel black is 17 meals so the website says but if I’m aiming to have 2000cal a day over 3 meals that would work out at 150g per meal or 450g a day, I’m right so far right?
So how long would a bag last me :thinking: I’m aiming to stop with the getting a bag every now and then and going full Huel for a while (done normal white Huel before but not the black stuff full time) with a subscription order say once a month but can’t quite find the bag stats I’m looking for…any help appreciated :blush:

P.s tried some alpro almond with some Huel on Friday in place of the usual water and found it transformed the experience! Wouldn’t be often but as an occasional mix up I think it’s brilliant

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100g → 400kcal; so 500g!

90g of huel black is 400kcal, meaning 450g would be 2000 kcal. Dividing that 2000kcal into 3 portions would be 150g a meal.

Therefore, since there is 1.53kg in a bag going 100% huel at 2000 Kcal a day, 1 bag would last 3.4 day.

Does this Help?


90g of huel black is 400kcal according to the uk nutritional information. If you are in America 400 kcal is 100g due to a different formula.

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didn’t read the black part :sweat_smile:

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Thank you I appreciate it, I was trying to do the calculations on “white Huel” and was getting confused by the different calorie/weights
Much appreciated :blush:

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