Two weeks of struggling

I knew that the last few weeks would be hard. Lots of trips away, birthdays, prom etc. I’ve maintained my weight but have dropped into the cycle of losing 1kg in the week and putting it back on over the weekend. I’m determined to make this work. Last week I did two 100% days, but I was really busy at work and didn’t eat during the day (not even time to drink 100g of Huel), I’d come home and eat loads. This weekend, we had a gymnastics comp, so I took huel and some work to do. The huel was still in the car after the comp, we came home and ate a take away.
I had this habit before, where I’d not eat all day and binge when I got home. That means that I’m tired and too full to exercise.

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@Mavis - hung in there you just need to refocus, can relate to what you’ve said. Try sipping whilst you’re working, best of luck you can do this.

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Sounds hard, all that social-ness, work pressure & other commitments, I know I’d struggle cos too much time around party foods & cake set up cravings for me.
I’ve noticed that after occasional eating of regular foods out in company, my head plagues me for a while with intrusive food thoughts & reasons why I should buy some other sort of food stuff rather than continue to consume the plentiful supply of Huel that I have awaiting me…

Frustrating as it is, I’m realising its part of my internal sabotage. Like when I’ve “rewarded” myself for doing a couple of 100% Huel days & then buy myself a treat such as a loaf of bread & hunk of cheese or a whole packet of biscuits (that I ALWAYS naively believe this time will be different & I will be able to eat in a non-complusive way) yet never have & its highly likely I’ll never be able to, so always binge on & then feel awful physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Crazy hey? :fearful: To use the exact same patterns & behaviors to reward me that I’m trying to negate !?!
sending you some love, support & hope that we get some peace around food / eating xxx

Thought up a possible new word; To Huelatise to spread the love of HUEL & its benefits :heart_eyes:

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My biggest problem has always been that I don’t eat all day and as I’m the one who cooks, I pick whilst I’m cooking dinner.
The problem over the last two weeks is that we have had loads of celebrations, my youngest was fifteen last night, and again, I crammed work, so I could finish early, didn’t eat, got cooking as soon as I got home and ate solid food rather than mixing up a Huel.
Today is easier, I’m in work until 9pm tonight and have packed three bags of 100g Huel and I’m sipping away at my breakfast Huel. I have my eldest daughters graduation tomorrow in London and intend to have a breakfast Huel, eat out and then have an evening Huel.
I’m quite lucky in that I have only put on 2kg in the last two weeks, so that’s still a 4kg loss. Just a lot slower than I wanted.
If anything, it’s teaching me about my relationship with food and how addicted I am.
Thanks for the words of encouragement by the way. In the past, when I’ve fallen off the path, I haven’t returned to it.

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I really struggled during the summer. Loads of celebrations and little breaks away. However, Ive maintained the weight. Now for the big push to lose some before Christmas.

You have to remember that 1kg isn’t that much at all. 1kg is 2.2lb. You can lose that much just by going to the toilet or not drinking for a few hours.

Down 2.2kg this week. Love it!

I don’t agree wth that, 2.2lb is about 5000 calories so more than most will lose in a week. Weight does fluctuate especially in women who can retain extra water but to lose 1kg and keep it off isn’t that easy for most.

There is no excuse not to eat during the day, it’s like saying you haven’t got time to drink water. Everyone has the right to 15 minutes break every 4 hours so you have to use this otherwise you are heading for an early grave. The more you do the more that is expected but it’s not good for your health. You need a good balance to maintain your physical health and your mental health.
Set an alarm or just make sure you have breaks and keep up the fluids.