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I’m a professional trainer based in Bristol. I was wondering what is the applied VAT on the Huel products? I’d like to figure out if how much VAT I could deduct

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No VAT on food?

I think some food items are subject to standard rate. I believe the qualification is preparation from a powdered form. The reason I think this is a purchasing manager once explained to me the tax implications of ordering powdered soup and nesquick for a ward whilst the kitchen was being replaced!

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I’m reasonably confident it’s VAT free?

I was going to say it’s probably zero-rated as it is ‘food’ (although the list of exemptions are confusing and inconsistent), but then I found this article and… I still have no idea…

It doesn’t answer your question, and it was written in 2015, so things could’ve changed since, but from the sound of what Julian is saying at the time, Huel was not allowed to be zero rated (?)

Hey Romain! All Huel food items (RTD, Powder, Bars, Granola, Flavour Boosts) are zero-rated - no VAT. Merchandise obvs all has VAT attached to it. Hope this helps!


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