I ordered the unflavored Huel and truly regret not getting the vanilla. I got the cappachino booster and try to mix it with honey but it’s so hard to take down. Does anyone have any recommendations to help me until I can get my next order of vanilla.

Add food flavours (baking isle of supermarkets)
Coffee flavourings such as Ronin syrups
Or if there is a health / bodybuilding shop they may have flavour syrups too

OR blend with fruits

Lots of ways to make huel taste exactly how you like it

You could buy your own sucralose and sweeten it yourself and then flavour it as you see fit.


I like Suicidal Tendencies…they have a great singer called Cyco Mike Muir.


Try Date Syrup: 1/2 teaspoon in 2 scoops Huel + 300-400ml water. It will taste chocolatey.

Apparently unsweetened Date Syrup is really good for digestion and has been found to have ‘medicinal’ power than manuka honey. My fave is the Iranian Basra brand found in Turkish and Greek grocery shops - abt £2.50 a jar. Avoid the expensive wholefoods stuff.