Unpopular opinion

I saw a poll on the best powder flavours and Black Edition Chocolate was near the bottom.

Black Edition Chocolate is #1 and is god-tier.

Who’s with me? :upside_down_face:


You saw a poll where? And chocolate flavoured what? RTD, Huel Black Edition or Huel Powder V3? Or maybe chocolate flavour Huel Bars.

Seeing as this is an often discussed topic perhaps you should avail yourself of the search function, top right.

Oh and welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:


My first Huel was chocolate, I wasn’t a fan, I didn’t like it. I ended up chocolate and banana together. I tried chocolate again and really liked it. I think my taste buds and stomach just needed to get used to drinking huel

Black Edition Chocolate definitely splits opinion. I’ve not tried it in a while actually, but chocolate flavour in general really splits opinion as there are just so many types of chocolate flavour! It’s great you love it though.

Strawberry and Cream is god tier


I’ve not actually tried black ed. chocolate but s/c and s&c are both bonza.

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It doesn’t even taste like proper chocolate. But it’s good you enjoy it nonetheless!

I’m with you

I am in higher eschalon love with BE Choc

I was glad to finish my bag of Black Edition chocolate. Didn’t enjoy it at all and won’t be ordering more. I enjoyed Strawberries and Cream when I first got it but find it a little sickly now. Just trying to use it up rather than waste it. Salted Caramel and Banana remain my top two favourites.

I’m with you @Bee with the strawberries and cream but I am unable to finish my 1st bag and my 2nd bag still unoppened. Unfortunately I can’t get to grips with any of the black edition or hot and savourys. Just shows you how everybody’s tastes are so different. :smirk::strawberry:

I started getting sick of the strawberries and cream but once I gave it a break I was back loving it. I think its everything in moderation.

This is how I feel about @hunzas


I find vanilla BE a little bland, but generally the taste of huel powder grows on me the more I have it.

Yet to try strawberries and cream, I liked the berry white one…

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That’s definitely an unpopular opinion in my book.

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First Huel shake today and it was BE Chocolate, it has a strange metallic after taste and very sweet, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. Previously with protein shakes I would have to mix unflavoured with flavoured to nullify the sweetness.

Try chilling it in the fridge, so many people find it solves any problems they have with the taste of Huel! (also welcome to Huel :raised_hands:)