Unsweetened Almond Milk - how much is too much?!

I’m drinking about 1L of Unsweetened Almond Milk every day!!! Surely this is too much?
I don’t like the taste of huel without it. I have gone half and half with water - I can drink it easily but it’s not really enjoyable for me.

I know the unsweetened almond milk is quite low in calories/sugars/fats which is one thing :confused:

I personally wouldn’t be worried - I drink 500mls p.day.

1 litre of unsweetened almond milk is just over 300 kcal, so as long as you correct the amount of Huel you would be fine. Remember to effectively gain weight you ideally want to be eating 500kcal more, so 300kcal could contribute to that!

I have adjusted the amount of huel - Not aiming to gain weight!

I drink Huel with almond milk too. There is nothing wrong with drinking litre a day if you need to. I drink half a litre across 2 Huel’s a day, but have on occasion used Huel 4 times a day.

Why not just put ground almonds in your Huel? Surely the main ingredients in almond milk are almonds and water?

A litre of Alpro almond milk at Tesco costs £1.80, most of which will be water:

200g of ground almonds costs £2.29:

I don’t know exactly how many litres of your own almond milk you could make with 200g of ground almonds, but I reckon if you put a few teaspoons of the ground almonds into your Huel shake each time, the 200g would last significantly longer than going through litres and litres of almond milk each week.

I never pay more than £1 a litre for almond or oat milk (at the moment I am paying 50p a litre) so for convenience it suits me fine. Making almond milk is quite time consuming, although quite easy. 200g I reckon would make 5 or 6 cups of almond milk, so it is not as cheap as it seems. But like you say it is mainly water.

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