Up, down and a perfect formula

Seeing great, steady weight loss on 200g and then an evening meal.
I did a 100% day by accident on Wednesday as I had the usual 100g in the morning and 100g in the car on the way home, but my Huel package arrived and I had 100g when I got home. This was 50g of Vanilla with the chocolate flavour system and 50g of unflavoured with rhubarb and custard. I lost 2kg overnight, but I did have an energetic band practice.

Last night we all got home tired and I didn’t fancy cooking or shopping, so we had a Chinese. I feel hungover this morning, it’s like my body is telling me off.

So, this morning I got back on the wagon and mixed up a perfect Huel mix for me. 50g of unflavoured, 50g of vanilla, and half a teaspoon of the chocolate flavour system. Absolute heaven, I can feel another 100% day about to happen.

It’s interesting how much we are affected by what we eat, isn’t it? So many people are probably not even fully aware that they feel the way they do because of what they are eating.

It certainly is. As I’m only eating one meal a day now, it’s informing me on how food affects how I feel.