Updating payment details

Hi Huel, please can you add a way to manage payment details. My first subs was on Paypal and it failed to go through, I had to change to card payment but there was no way to do this. I have had to create a new account with another email to get my subs sorted as I’ve run out. I hope you don’t restart my other account as I can’t afford both subs! I also can’t see a way to cancel the other one. Please improve your account management section. @Tim_Huel

Hey Tracy, thanks for the message on this one. I’m sorry that you can’t change from Paypal to card - the best way to resolve this is just to cancel and restart your subscription. However you’ll be pleased to know that we’re working on our own subscription system which should make it much easier to make changes like this.

However, looking at your details it seems like both subscriptions have been fulfilled - the PayPal charge just took a little extra time to come through. This one is a little over my head but @Olivia_Huel will be able to sort this out for you and I’ll get her to contact you ASAP.

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Thanks, sorting with the lovely Olivia.

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