Using fuel post face injury

First week done on Huel. A taxi knocked me off last week, and I’ve fractured my face, jaw, lost two teeth, broken a tooth socket and damaged 4 teeth. Mouth and tongue were really cut from the shattered teeth. However, I’m a really keen cyclist (typically ride 400km a week), and my body is pretty much uninjured (hands black and blue). I’m going to be on Huel until at least the end of November.

So far, I’m loving it. I ordered a nutribullet at the same time. Add huel to every one means my macros come out perfect every day. I’m not hungry at all, and it’s actually pleasant to drink. No weird flavours, texture is great - good job!

I’m training on Zwift (a cycling game that works with turbo trainers). I’m hoping that I’ll come out of this fitter than I went in.

Given my training load is high, any advice on adding anything? I’m veggie, not vegan, but I hate milk, so am already on the alpro soya yoghurts. Maybe that’s enough, but I’ve got plenty of protein powder I could add too.


WoW! That’s positive ‘re-framing’ for you right there.
Glad you’re ok
just monitor weight and maybe add fruit into shakes to up carb cals and PPer as you say
Personally I rate Glutamine for recovery and would dose up on that and VitC too
Maybe vitE for skin healing?
ML Fi xx