Using Huel powder as flour

Hi all,

Bought some Huel and have tried it for a week and a half now using the flavour samples and I can’t carry on due to the taste (predominantly the after taste). Despite the flavour things (and having added various other things like 3 teaspoons of sugar, hot choc powder, honey, coconut milk etc) I can’t escape that weird lingering taste.
But I’m stuck with tonnes of the powder so was thinking about using it as flour to make pancakes muffins and the like, do things like that still retain that aftertaste or is it masked by the other goodies in the cakes?

Forgive me if you’ve tried everything but does that include soaking? A few hours or better overnight will reduce the bitter aftertaste of raw oats. That’s assuming we’re thinking of the same flavour component.

As to your question about cooking, it should eliminate the problem, though that again supposes your dislike is of the rawness; it certainly seems plausible. That said, if you’ve tried soaking & it made no difference for you I’d be less sure cooking will cure it.

Taste is so subjective, it’s probably simplest to knock up a quick small batch of cookies or pancakes & see what you think.

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If you got the vanilla version it may be the sweetener causing an unpleasant aftertaste - I’m not keen on that so I’ve gone for the unsweetened & unflavoured version, and I don’t use the flavour sachets as for me, they also linger on the tongue in a rather unwelcome manner.

Echo @Michael_Rozdoba who suggested making a quick test batch of cakes or cookies, and do let us know how it goes!

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Thanks both, yeah I’ll try some pancakes and see how it goes.

May try the soaking thing but in not sure I’d have a problem with raw oats tastes as I eat porridge a lot, in fact this was meant to replace the porridge as a better rounded option albeit more expensive (especially given the two massive bags I can’t drink now Haha!).

The taste I don’t like is the same as the smell you get from the powder, not sure or is any sweetener I know the smell of but could be wrong. I was actually physically sick yesterday after trying the coconut and pineapple flavour thing!! Today I tried toffee and was similarly bad even after three tea spoons of sugar so I sacked it off and went back to porridge instead

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