Using oil to cook


Hi All

Long time no speak!

Just curious for those that are calorie counting to loose weight.
Do you count the oil you use in your calories? I use rapeseed oil or sesame oil normally but was just curious :slight_smile:


Yes of course. I count every ingredient I use.


Hmm- I don’t tend to- what oil do you use?

Does it impact your calorie allowance alot?


What are you using to count calories? I use MyFitnessPal. If you input whatever oil you are using, and the amount, it will tell you how many calories. I tend to be very sparing with oils and when I do use them it is either plain or infused olive oil. I react very badly to onions and garlic so use the infused oil instead. Olive Oil is 40 calories per teasp. Rapeseed and sesame are similar.


Thanks for that- I dont know why I always assumed they were like 200 cals per spoon lol :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. It’s quite a revelation finding out the calorific value of everyday foods :smile:


Lol revelation or depressing :smiley:


Haha, yes that too. Mind you, Huel has stopped me craving high cal stuff so I don’t really mind anymore :grin:


Have you ever used hing (asafoetida)? I guess so, but if not give it a go…


Surely if you assumed that much it would make sense to count the calories.


Or stay in ignorance…


Haha…oh yeah. LOL


No in all seriousness though, it was something I didnt add because you need it to cook. I dont use a lot or anything but thought about it today.


Oil is very high in calories, so even just a teaspoon can significantly increase the calorie count of your meal, so yes, I would definitely include it.


Yes, thanks, I do use asafoetida and also fresh or dried chives. I would likely be ok with the green parts of onion or leek but I can’t see the point of buying stuff to throw half of it away.


There are ways of avoiding it - my sister (who is super skinny and a gym bunny) uses water in place of oil for sautéing onions, garlic etc when cooking. I don’t worry about a bit of oil myself, as I will scoff a whole packet of biscuits in one go sometimes, and they probably have the same amount of calories each as a tablespoon of oil so it seems silly. I have in the past used water instead of oil, esp if I discover I’ve run out of oil. Not that that happens now my son and his gf have moved out… but you get the picture.