V.3 vs Black

So I’ve been using v.3 powder for a while but am curious to try Black edition. I know they have different macros and ingredients but I just want to know what the main flavour and textural differences are between the two?

I’m not sure about the difference (I personally couldn’t taste a noticeable difference), but I love the Black Huel Chocolate version!

hi ooboo, hope you don’t mind the question? Do you add anything to the BE Chocolate? I am a newbie to Huel and don’t enjoy the Chocolate flavour at all. The only way I can actually drink it is to add some nesquik…

you could try add some plant based chocolate milk with the water or a little instant chocolate malted drink powder or some complimentary flavours that will add to or deepen the chocolate taste like a little prune juice, some coconut cream, powdered peanut butter, vanilla extract (commercial chocolate candy bars use vanillin to soften the natural bitter chocolate taste) or if you have a blender - frozen cherries, peanut butter, honey etc.


You could also try the chocolate flavour boost. I tend to use vanilla and add some of the chocolate FB and I prefer that flavour, I haven’t tried adding it to chocolate powder though. Alternatively you could try adding some cocoa powder?
@Phil_C adding some plant based chocolate milk sounds good!

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The standard powder is very gritty, if you prefer a smooth texture Black Edition may be a better choice. Although I don’t know whether this applies to all flavours, as natural flavourings are used which also have a texture of their own. Another difference is the sweetener that is used. Some find the tase of steviol-sweeteners weird, bitter, with a slightly cooling or artificial aftertaste. How pronounced this is varies from person to person, and may also be depend on the flavour that is used.

Adding something is always an option. You could also add for example MCT-oil or protein powder to the standard edition if you find that the gritty texture reminds more of conventional food and works better against hunger. If you want to change or improve the flavour you could also use flavour drops (which are calorie free). As these are sweet you will get very sweet shakes, though - unless you order the unflavoured/unsweetened flavour.