V2.3 Consistency Poll

I think it’d be worthwhile running a poll to see what people think of the consistency of the most recent update. Personally, even with three scoops I have to fill the shaker to the brim with water, use a mixer ball and shake vigorously for a minute in order to achieve anything but a sludge.

Of course, this is subjective, but I’m sure the following updates of Huel will take into account what the majority want.

  • Too thin
  • Ideal
  • Too thick

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I put ideal, as I put in enough liquid to make it as thick/thin as I like. Surely if it is too thick you adjust the liquid until it is ok? The viscosity is in the hands of the user, or am I missing something?


Yes, although I’d have to use fewer than 3 scoops (less than 450 calories, which isn’t ideal) as my shaker is completely full yet still too thick.

Not being awkward, but surely the question should be, “Is my shaker big enough” then?

I mix 4.5 scoops to 1200ml and distribute to two bottles, one breakfast and one for lunch, so can see why three scoops wouldn’t fit into a “Huel” shaker. :+1:

Indeed. Then if the general consensus is that Huel is too thick, there are two solutions:

  1. the “default” shaker should be a larger one

  2. make a thinner formulation

It could be looked at either way, but I would argue that it would just be much easier to make a thinner formulation. One of the selling points of Huel is its convenience; needing a litre of water for 500 calories doesn’t seem convenient.

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But if 71% of responses (so far) in the poll show that people think 2.3 is ideal consistency, surely this problem is specific to you?

I mean I use one of these (https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/small-kitchen-appliances/food-and-drink-preparation/juicers-and-blenders/nutri-ninja-xsk900-900-ml-jumbo-cup-10134747-pdt.html) with 5 scoops and have never had any issues with it being ‘too thick’. It sounds like you like yours very thin, so I guess you could use less scoops of Huel and just have more of them?

The ideal consistency would, presumably, be the one with an equal number of people saying ‘too thick’ as saying ‘too thin’. Nonetheless, it is good to have the occasional poll like this, because even if the majority believe it is ideal, it’s always good for vendors to get feedback.

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I find 2.3 noticeably thinner than previous versions and certainly don’t want it to become any thinner.


Agree. One of the things I enjoy about Huel is the thickness/sludgyness that makes it more like a thick milkshake and contributes to the feeling of fullness. Anything thinner would be bad.


I opted for ‘ideal’, as I like to think of it more as a Maccy-D’s-style shake!

400ml water in first
125g (500kcal) huel powder in
Griddle & top on
Shake vigorously for 10 sec
Another 50-100ml water in + quick shake

I’ve found that putting anything more than 400ml water with 125g powder leads to some clumping. I think it’s because there needs to be enough space left in the shaker to mix the powder and water properly.

Consistency can be subsequently adjusted by adding water and shaking again.

Maybe try this method?

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Weirdly enough, when I mix 3 scoops with 400ml it’s usually pretty perfect in terms of thickness. If I had a few ml more water it becomes way too thin for me (with 500ml it’s almost like water.)


I’m adding 3 scoops to 400ml of water and then blending it, before adding a further 100ml of water and then shaking. I only used the shaker once and found it far too clumpy for my taste.

Doing this gives it what I consider the perfect consistency, but that’s obviously subjective.

That’s incredibly interesting. With 400mL for me it’s a gloopy sludge. 700mL and it’s a little bit thinner but certainly not water. Where do you live? I wonder if James or another Huel staff could comment on the potential impact of water hardness on the consistency levels. I’m in the north at the moment, and actually it may be thinner with harder water down south at uni.

Yeah interesting, why do you think water hardness should affect on thickness?
I live in Paris, France, where water is very hard (30-40 fH).

I really don’t know. It’s the only thing I could think of which may be affecting the consistency. It may be something else?

The water is really soft here in the north of England where I am. Would be curious for other northerners (or soft water people) to comment. Now I think of it, the Huel I make is indeed more controllably thin when I’m in the south (hard).

Good question. I’m in the North West - Manchester.

3 scoops in 500ml cold filtered water. Whizzed around in a Ninja, and placed in the fridge for a couple of hours/overnight. Lush!

I have just for the.first time.ever left my huel on the.side for around a hour (was rushed and.forgot about it) . And it had gone really thick! (3scoops 500ml) I didnt.like it at all… maybe that’s why.some peoples go thicker. I normally have 3 scoops …500ml straight out the tap… a quick shake… down it in minutes… then it is quite watery with yummy lumps … which I love! So thinking how long you leave it over the type of water would effect the consistency more…

I havent tried anything before 2.3 but I like it. Easy to add more water to make it thinner. Less water and also leaving in fridge for a few hours makes it thicker. So easy to adjust it as you prefer. 5/5

400ml is too thick for me.

500ml is too thick.

600ml is too much water to drink five-six shakes a day, and it’s too thick.

700ml is drinkable for me, but I’m not drinking 3500ml of water a day and 750ml+ for 400calories… just no.

I’m pissing enough as it is on 2500ml a day, and that’s with water on top of my current soylent intake. Let’s just say it’s not doing wonders for my bladder pissing ten times a day as it is.

1.2 was 400ml and 100g powder and it was basically thick as water. The few of us who preferred that have likely left both the product and to some extent this forum.