Violent diarrhea from Daily Greens

So I’m not a new Huel user. I’ve been having different Huel products over the years on and off. My main issue has always been the diarrhea it causes. The common recommendation has been to introduce it slowly but I’ve had no success. The Hot & Savory product line is the only one (along with the bars) that somehow doesn’t cause diarrhea.

When Huel came out with Daily Greens, I was super excited since it would be a direct competitor to AG1 and potentially better. I ordered 2 packs of Daily Greens and my shipment arrived today. I had 1 scoop with water and not 30 minutes have passed by when I had to lock myself in the bathroom for an hour.

What is it with Huel products that causes diarrhea in people? Can something be done to help with it? I love the idea but just can’t use it!

Well, everyones gut behaves different to each other so people will have different triggers. As Greens is only available in the US at the moment - you may get more answers over on the American forum.

‘Violent’ diarrhea for an hour?
I’d be calling emergency services.

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I’d be calling You’ve been framed


You’d empty out like a bag of icing. Horrifying way to go.



It sounds like it would be worth dropping us an email so that we can chat through this. Please email and we can assist :blush: