Voucher code for a bag of black edition vanilla not working

As the topic says, you sent me the email with a code for black vanilla I have £49 off stuff in my basket code says it isn’t valid???

Oh I see, just to check is this for a subscription order or for a one-off purchase? As this offer only works for one-off orders using the email address the email was sent to.

If you could please send an email to team@huel.com with a screenshot of your basket we can make sure to look into this for you.

Why should it matter if I am making a subscription or a one off, why would I want to pay 10% more on what I am ordering to get the offer you sent to me?

I’m not sure what you mean? It matters because those are the terms of the voucher code. We’ve set up an initiative for people to use a unique code for Black Edition on single purchases. That is described in the email you were sent about this code, if you don’t want to use it that’s absolutely fine, but all you need to do to get the pouch of Black Edition Vanilla is to toggle your order to single-purchase and add the pouch through the pop up.


In the same way you can’t use this code to add a pouch of Banana v3.0 for free, you can’t use it to purchase a subscription.

I found this offer miss-leading also. The ‘default’ on the products is the subscription version. So the steps you then have to take are pretty convoluted. Spend over £40 > Add the Black Huel > select vanilla > apply code (oh, it doesn’t work) > let’s try the code in lower case > let’s try in a different browser > let’s try logging in again > let’s try on a different device > let’s try a different link on the email > oh, let’s try logging into the forums and see if someone else has the same problem.

Ah, that’s it. The discount doesn’t apply to the default selections - you have to use it with stand alone orders. I love Huel products and their company. But this was a miss-leading offer.

just add it as a non sub order and bingo - it works.

Which is what it says it does if you read the offer. READ THE OFFER

@hunzas. This was the ‘offer’ I see no mention of non-subs only, do you? It was a marketing fail. Simple as.

Who doesn’t love an offer this good?

January is always a loooong month, so here’s a little treat from us to you…


That’s right, we’re giving you the chance to get a bag of Vanilla Black Edition on us when you next spend £40 or more. Why don’t you kickstart a healthy habit by coming back and getting yours today?

Interested? Here’s how to grab yours

  1. Fill your basket with Huel - why not try Hot & Savoury or Powder v3.0*?
  2. Add a single bag of Vanilla Black Edition through our popup in the basket area.
  3. Add your code into the ’ discount code ’ box at the checkout.

Simple right? So don’t miss out, bag yours before 23:59 GMT on 31st January!

*Offer is only valid on a one-off purchase with a minimum £40 spend. The bag of Black Edition Vanilla must be added to your order through the popup in our basket area. If you already have Black Edition in your basket the products will not show and the code will not work.

You literally put in your post that its only applicable to one time purchases from the terms and conditions…


No fixing stupid

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Don’t be so mean, they just joined the forums! Ok. Fine, bit judgemental to say it was a marketing fail (it wasn’t, it just comes with conditionality like pretty much any offer for any consumer product) but give ‘em a break!

Sheesh, everyone’s so snappy these days. Let’s just all sit around and sing campfire songs or something.

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I think everyone’s just hangry.

You should have seen the fun to be had in a DIY punk rock Facebook group yesterday. It was only set up beginning of the week and escalated in all the wrong ways that it is being closed down today.

I was a bit snarky after arguing with bigots and racists so may have transferred here. Apologies to OP.

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Hey Anthony, I’m sorry you felt mislead by this. It does involve having to read the entire email and the information wasn’t directly at the top. I will pass on the feedback to make it more clear in future.

Thanks everyone. My bad for not reading the email correctly. I was probably expecting a prompt at the shopping cart too. So many T&Cs these days - we tend to scan pages, rather than read! Cheers.