Warm Vanilla Coffee Huel

So, it was a bit chilly out this morning and I didn’t want to come back from my run to cold Huel but I’ve now found the perfect solution.

I made up a thick Huel with 300ml of almond milk and 100g of original vanilla.
Then when I got back from my run I made a medium sized cup of coffee and stirred it into the Huel mix using a fork to beat it until it was all mixed in and smooth (was reluctant to shake due to the hot coffee added)

Bloody marvellous concoction! Warmed me up without being boiling and I got the post run nutrition in :grin:

This is my new winter favourite :cold_face::snowflake::cold_face:


This is a great warm solution @VixK and I felt like trying it now!
A good reason to wait for Monday (I use Huel only on working days).
Thanks for sharing!

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I was inspired by this to try it with my U/U and hot chocolate powder mix … added some how water and yummms quite a delicious warm hot chocolate drink :+1: (can’t quite believe I wrote ‘yummms’ but it was!! :grin:) x

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I might give it a go with hot chocolate too.
It just makes it nicely warm for the cold mornings that we’ve been having lately :slightly_smiling_face:

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