A lot of talk on here regarding Huel consumption and many seem to use this for weekday work lunch replacements and maybe breakfast. So what happens at weekends? Do many of you give the shaker a well earned rest on the weekend infavour of sunday roasts and leisurely brunches or are you still on the Huel?


My needed amount will be lower for weekends, but I want keep getting the majority of my calories/nutrition from Huel.


I tend to switch it around at weekends from my weekly huel consumption.
During the working week, I take my breakfast/lunch with me. Usually scoff that by 7 in the morning! Then that’s me until about 1800 when I have my one shot of huel 3xscoops in 500ml skimmed milk after I’ve been to the gym.
At weekends I have the same shot of huel but in the morning and a cooked meal at night.
This routine has worked a treat, I have lost over 13kg since middle of October last year.


Yeah I have a shaker at work and one at home, the one at home rarely makes an appearance (especially now I’ve got a fridge full of RTD - this has upped my home Huel game significantly)


I consume most, if not all, of my Huel at home. :rofl:
Just taking 2 slices of bread to work for lunch and 2 cereal bars for the 15-minute breaks,
breakfast and dinner with Huel and sipping the rest of my daily Huel-intake over the evening.


Me too, but I work from home… the only time I don’t have Huel at home is if I am away on business or when doing 100% Huel and being out in the evening…say at a gig or something.


I have a shaker at home and one at work. I thought I would end up eating normal food at weekends but because I have some different flavours of huel at home from at work, I often find myself having lunch time huel at weekends too (same pattern as during the week).


I drink Huel infrequently during week days, on weekends I tend to have at least 2 out of 3 meals Huel or even all of them.