Weight loss post kids

I have 3 children with the youngest being 12 weeks.

I have good intentions on making a healthy lunch to lose the baby weight but when the kids need me I just grab something that’s quick that’s Usually not what I need to lose weight. I don’t have time to go to the gym, may start running soon though.

I need a quick meal replacement for breakfast and lunch that’s high in protein (enough to fill my stomach), but low in calories that will help me lose weight.
I will have an evening meal too, just to sit in with my family at the table.

Can anyone advise me on what to buy? Do I need snacks too?

P.s im going to Spain in July so need a decent ish bikini bod in a few months lol.
I also need something that’s high in energy as I have 2 under 2 which is exhausting.

Thanks so much.
If you can literally point me to what I need so I can order quickly then that would be great and much appreciated

If you don’t mind experimentation, you could try ordering the Bestseller Bundle which includes a variety of different products from which you can determine which is right for you. Alternatively, you could try finding a local shop that stocks the Ready To Drink bottles as they’re quite common in various supermarkets (e.g: Asda) – that would be a quick and easy way to assess if the cold drinks are for you.

Personally, I enjoy the Huel Hot & Savoury because it satisfies my need for food to be hot and food like but it has taken some time to find which flavours are right for me (Mac & Cheeze is great, Chick’n and Mushroom is not). I could easily live off of Hot & Savoury exclusively, whereas nursing bottles of cold Huel every day is my nightmare (which is a shame because RTD is the lowest effort!).

As an aside, if you want to eat normal meals alongside your family while maintaining a relatively low-calorie diet, you could try swapping out ingredients on your own plate. For example, I’ve recently replaced rice with riced vegetables and found they’re delicious and essentially calorie-free. Sometimes, if I’m feeling especially adventurous, I’ll prepare a Huel Hot & Savoury and then mix it into a plate of Riced Cauliflower.

oh and Huel delivery is very quick, if you ordered in the next few hours it would probably arrive tomorrow and definitely by Wednesday.

Hey Jess, welcome to the forum, it’s great to have you here :hugs: I can tell you’re a very busy person, and reading a ton of stuff on the forum and our site is probably not going to be that helpful.

You want something that is quick:

Compared to a home cooked lunch, all Huel products are quicker. However,

  1. Fastest - Ready-to-drink (400kcal meal) and our Bars (200kcal snack). No preparation time, just open them.
  2. Complete Protein (105kcal snack) - add 1 scoop to water and shake, <1 minute
  3. Black Edition or v3.0 (white pouch) - add 1 scoop = 200kcal snack, or 2 scoop = 400kcal meal. Black Edition is higher in protein. ~1 minute
  4. Slowest - Hot & Savoury/Pasta - 1 scoop = 200kcal snack, 2 scoop = 400kcal meal. Add boiling water and leave to cook for 5-10 mins.

This is more difficult, as calories are energy. Your weight (fat) loss goals need to be based around eating up to 500kcal less than you did before.

We actually have a survey which will recommend you a Huel product, check it out!

Sorry, it’s difficult to give you the straightforward answer you want - You should buy [x], it really depends on you. All our products are quick, high in protein and filling (except our Compete Protein Powder probably, because it’s 100kcal/serving!)

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